Saturday, October 29, 2011

Social Networks: Tuenti, ¿Entertainment or Addiction?

Tuenti is the preferred social network of Spanish teenager.
You can only join if they send you an invitation. Once your account is created you can choose the privacy of your own. You can write on your wall much like those of your friends. Look for friends by gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo and invite them if they are not Tuenti. You can upload photos Tuenti and add a title, add a group, tag your friends and write comments on them.
You can also see pictures of your friends and comment if they have been uploaded by one of your friends. To add them you need to send a message along with the friend request.
Look people in the search of people, as part of putting the name you specify a range of age, province, or is friends with your friends. You can also add your user videos uploaded to youtube and you can share with friends.
You can send private messages to your friends, but one by one,
and you can create events and pages, and invite your friends to them. You can also play various games.
By connecting reminds you of upcoming birthdays of your friends. And on the home page reminds you of upcoming birthdays and events.
When someone ask you for the friendship, you can accept or ignore it, and if you ignore it also gives you the option to block them will never ask for your friendship.
Although most users are teenagers, there are people of all ages.
Tuenti, increases in record time users, therefore, users spend 100 minutes Average online per day.What time is right for Tuenti not become addicted?
Also the connection is becoming more frequent as the blackberry or iphone are created with the function of the use of social networks.
What do you prefer, use Tuenti in a laptop or in a smartphone?
But the Tuenti also leads to obsession. This obsession is going too far for some boys, Tuenti has become a new form of entertainment and a new vice uncontrollable, but do we ever considered the possible consequences of being a member of Tuenti? Serious problems of identity, as well as numerous failures, poor little privacy and security, among others, are characteristic elements of Tuenti, but especially a serious problem: addiction. Upon arriving home from school, college or university, thousands of young people who are connected to check your comments or events. Tuenti social network has become, inadvertently, an essential tool for many young Spanish and can not be disconnected at any time.
If the Internet is essential in our lives, including study and work, why do you think that when we use Tuenti, old people say it is bad for us?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blackberry addicted!

How many time have you heard the sentence :'give me your 'pin''? Nowadays everybody have a Blackerry in her hands, I includded.
Blackberry have a lot of drawbacks like can produced addiction. The people who have BB are everymoment watching the screen and when they don′t have it they are nervous and stressed. I think the best thing of BB is the keyboard, very easy to use and comfortable.
This is one Tv comercial i United States for buy a Blackerry;

The people are really adected to BB, above all at BB chat. This is a chat very easy to use and very popular in teenagers.
I love mi blackberry so much.. And if I don´t have my BB nothing would be equal. Perhaps I feel stressed but I think that is bad to be all the time with the blackberry. Then you'll have a headache and over time you need glasses.
So, finally, what do you think about the blackberry addiction?And wait a moment! One question more, continue to press the 'pin' in next years? I don′t think so.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interviewing celebrities

Here is just an example of an interview. Listen to it and see how the interviewer and the interviewee interact. Sometimes it's not simply asking and answering questions, but a real conversation between friends. Pay attention to how they make comments to each other's answers, how they use conversation fillers and their body language. Try to use all that in your own interviews.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Film World

I suppose you have watch some films in your life, don't you?. Well, this entry is about films.

Movies use a sequence of frames to create a moving picture, usually 25 frames every second of film. Edward Muybridge created the first motion picture

(Sorry, it was moving. Try here)

But the first movie was made by the Lumière brothers. It wasn't very interesting but it was the first film so, what did you expect?:

In the last 100 years Film Industry has developed until the film we have nowadays, with excelent graphics such as Avatar. There were also created the Academy Awards, or Oscars, in 1928. The first film to win the oscar was Wings. The three films with more oscars are:



-Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I like mainly action films. Now I want you to tell me about your likes and dislikes. I want you to write your favorite film, the topic of films you like most and you hate and everything you can.

Please comment

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trip To Paris And London

We know that the trip to Paris and London is expensive and we have to think for the trip.I ask for comments with your ideas.These can be stupid, ingenius...Write the ideas that come to your head.
My ideas are:
2-Make necklaces,bracelets,ashtrays of tin and sell them in the cross.
3-Gymkhana with prize.
5-Some to sell in the "fiesta de las mesas"

Anther important theme is
What can we see?

We can see a lot of things but I want you to mention the monument, museum ,market... that you want to see.

Everything is for helping Rafa so that we don't have to spend our breaks or afternoons.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hello friends, I will talk about my strange hobby that is:
Well, when I was very young, I went with my uncle to the beehives, I liked very much because
i learnt a job and i saw a lot of very beutifull places in the mountain range of Montoro and Cardeña, and I saw a very spectacular things with the bees.

Ok, i wil talk about the bee.
First, the name of ours bees is
apis melifera.

The most importan bee is the queen who lays eegs. She is bigger than the others and she can live five to six year.

The second type of bee is the workin bee who collecs the hony, make the panels and make the pollination, they can live only 25 to 30 days.

The last type is the Drone who only fecund the queen, It´s very big but the queen is the biggest,
They can live 20 to 25 days.

Now I will speak to you what the bee produces:
1º A other beehiver.
2º the hony.
3º The wax of a candle.
4º propolis thats is a natural antibiotic.

And there are two videos with some types of beehives and bees

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes, music is the only thing that can understand you

+There are many kinds of music, but my favourites are rap and reggae.
-¿Why? They haven´t got good voices and they only talk very fast with a simple musical base..
+ Yes, you are right but I´m sure that it´s not neccesary to have a computer next to you to create a song. Just think and write your feelings, a lot of people will feel identificated with you.
Writers don´t talk about lovers and friends always... they write truths about capisalism, wars, selfishness, disadvantages of emigrants... Do you know what I mean?
This kinds of songs make you to reflect about how is the real life because not everything is pink, you know.

Reggae: it´s a musical gender desarrollated in Jamaica in the year 1960. It was inspirated in kinds of music such as the ska and the rocksteady.
It´s usually acentuated in the second and fourth beat of each compas and the rhythm is always regular.
The most popular singer is Bob Marley

but my favourite one is Morodo:)
Rap: it´s a different musical gender which was desarrollated in XX century between the dark community in UUEE. Rap´s singers are called MC and they can sing a capella or with a beat.
My favourites singers are Rapsusklei, Sharif and Rayden but there are a many who write perfect compositions:)
One of my favourites one is:

I would like you to talk about what do you think respect this music and if you usually listen it.
I hope you like my entry, and remember...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Phi, Divine Proportion

1.618 is also called the golden ratio or divine proportion. It plays a basic role as a mold of construction of the nature.
Plants, animals and  humans have dimensional characteristics that fit with absolute precision the reason Phi to 1 so the ancient esoteric schools believed that the number had been predetermined by the Creator of the Universe.

Do you know which is the ratio between males and females in a beehive?...1.618

And did you know that if you divide the number of females by males of any honeycomb in the world, you always get the same number?
... 1.618

If we see a full sunflower seeds, you will see that their pipes of sunflower growing in opposite spiralsDoes anyone know tell me what is the ratio between the diameter of each rotation and the next?
…. 1.618

Measure the distance between the ground and the top of your head... and then divide it between the distance between the navel and the ground. Do not guess what number will you give?
Yes, it's Phi. You want another example? Measure the distance between the shoulder and the tips of your fingers and divide by the distance between the elbow and the fingertips. Again ... Phi.
     Any more? The distance between the hip and the ground divided by the distance between the knee and the floor. The joints of hands and feet. Vertebral divisionsPhi,Phi. That's right, you are all walking tribute to the Divine Proportion.

If you want to know more about these number see the next video:

Fibonacci sequence: 

Now, it's your time. Measure the distance between the hip and the ground divided by the distance between the knee and the floor and write in a coment what number do you get. I have to tell you that you must to put the complet number that you get in the calculator, don't copy of the others coments.
What do you think about these number?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Superstars (from 70s to nowadays)

Look at the sky. You can see the stars… There’re millions of them but only a few are important. With people, it’s the same. Only lucky people with talent can shine. If you want to be a singer, you must sing beautifully but you must have other skills, too. Do you know what I mean? In my entry, I’m going to speak about four talented people which are very known and they became superstars in each decade from 1970 to 2011 (I have selected the singers with more sold CDs and I think they're the best, too)

Lady Gaga, the best singer of the last decade

During the last years, her songs are everywhere. She’s extravagant, original perfectionist and her voice is amazing. In 2009, her first single “Just Dance” reached the top of Music Lists around the world. During that year her songs “Lovegame”, “Poker Face” and “Paparazzi” were very popular, too.

2010 was Lady Gaga’s year. Her video clip “Bad Romance” became the most viewed video in YouTube and she earned a lot of awards in VMA, EMA… From the middle of 2010 to 2011, she made songs like “Alejandro” and in May, her CD “Born this Way” became one of the most successful albums in History with singles like “Judas” and “Yoü and I”. It’s impossible to know where will be Gaga next year and if you will like her songs because her actions are unpredictable.

Britney Spears, the best singer of the nineties

She sings well, she dances well… The perfect artist! She started her career in Mickey Mouse House Club and after that, she became a superstar. At the end of the 20th century, she made songs like “Toxic” and “Baby one more Time” and became the Princess of Pop. After her boom, she failed because of the drugs. It was a dark period in her life but she could become a Pop Star (one more time) with singles like “Womanizer” and “Circus”. Now, she has made a new CD and is one of the best artists of the moment.

Freddy Mercury, the best singer of the eighties

A God in the Earth, one of the best musicians… Freddy Mercury started his career in Queen and he and his voice became famous around the world. Love songs reached a new level and he sang so beautifully… His songs were amazing: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Somebody to love”, “We will rock you”… etc
He died because of the AIDS and the world won’t have anybody like him, a voice like his…

John Lennon, the best singer of the seventies

He only wanted the peace on the Earth, a world without armies and his dream didn’t come true. He started in The Beatles and he with his three friends became the group with more sold CDs around the world with songs like “I want to hold your hand” and “Strawberry fields forever”. Alone, he made the song “Imagine” and the magazine Rolling Stones put it like the 3rd best song ever written. 

He was assassinated 30 years ago in New YorkUSA.

So, you must speak about a singer that you love, a Superstar and we will meet him/her. Try to be original and don’t repeat the singers. If you want, you can put just the name and a song. I hope you like my entry!  -.Antonio Peña 

Ah, all of the songs are links of YouTube so if you want to listen a song just clik! I didn't put videos because four videos will make the entry too big.