Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Gran canal

  Time: 1723-24
  Style: Rococo
  Artist: Diego Velázquez
  Material and Technique: Oil on canvas
  Location: Ca´Rezznico museum

  Iconographic Analysis

Name: The Gran Canal of Venice
Type of painting: It is a Rococo painting by canaletto wich was for a venetian noble wich commisioned  to canaletto four painting, this is one of these four painting.

 Formal Analysis: in the painting appear the principal canal of venice, view to the northeast from the Palazzo Balbi to the Rialto Bridge, it´s  a very realistic painting carasteristic of canaletto style.
Composition, space and decoration:
Size: 144 × 207 cm

La Sorbona


Time: 1635 and 1642.
Style: barroque
Artist: Jacques Lemercier
Material and technique: 
Location: Place de la sorbone


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

            LAS MENINAS

Time: 1656.

Style: Baroque.

Artist: Diego Velázquez.

Material and technique: Oil on canvas.

Location: Prado museum,Madrid,España.

                                               Iconographic Analysis
 Name: Las Meninas or La familia de Felipe IV.

 Type of painting: It´s a baroque painting by Diego Velázquez and it´s   considerate the master piece of the painter of the golden century.

 Formal Analysis:
 Composition,space and decoration: