Saturday, June 22, 2013

Falconis flies away

After 4 years watching and taking care of all of us from above, Falconis flies away. However, he will hover nearby just in case any of you needs him again.
Thank you!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well,I am the last person of the class  writting about us,about these four amazing years,and the family in which we have become.Althought almost everyone of you have said that these was the end,it wasn´t true,the end hadn´t arrived until today,today yes,today we can say than THE END HAS COME.

Rafa want us to choose the best moment,but I think all the moments with you are  incredibles.I want to speak about the first day.Almost everyone know each other,but with some people of the class we had never spoken,we were like in a cloud.I thought they were normal,but no,i were confused.And this day,when we saw Rafa,I thought he was a normal teacher,but I think for everyone of us,is the best teacher we have never meet.
Things to remenber:

Our trips.
Peñas´s ,Javi's and Marisa's English writtings.
Maria Cano's vocabulary.
Mari Camen's extress.

And now..Some questions whitout answer:
What are we going to do whitout Peña's ideas?
What will we dress on in the"fiesta de las mesas" whitout Rafa's help?
What will be do whitout each other?Without your "Good mornings?

I want to say all of you THANKS YOU VERY MUCH,because without one of you,nothing would be the same.YOUR ARE THE BEST,FRIENDS.
And more than friends now,we have a really big family(Rafa our father,of course).

PD:I have posted my entry so Rafa,you know,don't forget what you had said me today.

                                                   THE END(2009-2013)

We wil never forget

These four years have been so important for us that is difficult to sum up them in a blog entry. Everything started with Rafa (of course) coming to our schools to tell us about the bilingual group that was starting the next year. Many of us were afraid of it, wondering if it would be too difficult or not, but finally 21 unconscious people were the first bilingual group ever.
As usual, we have complained about this fact many times. We have thought that teachers were experimenting with us. For example, we all remember Christmas Carol play we did in 1º of ESO (I'll have nightmares about Rudolf the rest of my life). When we heard that the next classes weren't doing it, we became angy.

Of couse, I didn't choose a photo with Rudolf

On the other hand, as we were the first ones, we started new, good things. Our very first big trip together was to Gibraltar. Altought we call it that way, we were about not to go there, And we spent most of it at the beach. Remenber that Spain was playing the Eurocup. We were the first to go to Paris and London (trip I'm not gonna talk about 'cause my partners have already done it. This was a perfect excuse for Rafa for telling us once and again to work hard. And Spain was playing the Eurocup, and won both of them!!

Another important thing about this four years is the Fiesta De Las Mesas. In 1º, we didn't know what was it about, and so the dresses were. In 2º, an strange, but maybe funny idea came to our minds, and we made the fool. But in 3º and 4º, with Rafa us a leader, we were the best groups ever. I'm not going to look for a translation for Tongo 'cause it means exactly what has happened this year.

In 1º, we were a new group and we didn't know some people that come from other schools. In addition, were split in two groups in some subjects. Now, after four years together, our class is like a family. I'll  miss you all in the future (as far as possible), when this end.
And now, Let's graduate!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happiness is found inside little things.

I don´t  deny that the trips of these four year have been unforgettable, and It always will take part of me, but I think there are things that no one had spoken  before and I´m sure you will agree with me that they are very important too.

There are things that have no price and as in the title I said "Happiness is found inside little things".
And what does it mean?
I think there is nothing better that see you sleepy´s  faces every mornings..... nothing better than having a bad day and see all of you, I don´t know how but I always end up forgetting all my problems and although sometimes we are sad, six hours with you are enough to finish the day smiling and laughing.

I don´t want make you cry but I have to say that this moments are not going to happen again and we have to enjoy our last moments together.

Next year you will not think on Peña  when you pencils will not be in your pencilcases. Perhaps you will not laught with Maria cano in ethics´debates. And expecially we are not going to listen Rafa´s voice repeating my name every 5 minutes. That´s why we have to enjoy our las moments.

Finally I want say to all of you THANKS and to Rafa too, of course it wouldn´t been the same without you!

and this will be always in our hearts.

We're all in this together.

How many times have we complained about our schoolmates? They are countless  but..
How many times have we laughed with them?

Despite the fact that we are very different, in this four years we have learnt how to respect each other and we know that it is more important to be polite with the rest of the people than to get the best marks. 

We have shared lots of moments together, that´s why I cannot choose one of them . They are all special for me!

-At the begining, in 1st of ESO, we used to speak with known people but the time passed and we knew that we had to have a good time with everybody so that we can enjoy the following years. And we did it. 
That year we had our first trips. 


-In 2nd of ESO we learnt lots of things with our bilingual assistants Gosshia and Alyssa.

-In 3rd of ESO, we enjoyed the best trip of our lifes. The one to Paris and London. There isn't any word to describe it. We missed some of our schoolmates but we shared THE MOST SPECIAL WEEK OF OUR LIFES!
We were all nervous , waiting for the day to leave, counting the months,the days, the hours

In my opinion, this year has been the best one. We travelled to Tenerife and our graduation is tomorrow. Thank you very much for all these years, they have been incredible.

I'll never forget you!

There are lots of classmates that enjoy the years that they are in ESO, but I know that we have enjoied them more than anybody.
Although, we don't really like working, we have spent lot of time doing it and thanks to it we still been together.
Since the first moment,we learnt that it was necessary to help each others to be helped, that's the reason why now we can not imagine us being separated.

If we were clever we would have took advantage of all the specials hours that we have passed, but from my point of view, I think that we lost lots of moments with stupid problems.
I'm sure that If we could return to the begining, we would do it and we would share all this moments once again.

I think that one of the best moments of this four years was the day when we won the table's party, last year.
Although, at first it wasn't easy to choose an idea, we decided to dress up with some costumes about traditional people in the U.K. We won 30 euros and we have spent them last week having a special breakfast where our tutor brought some soft drinks and some cakes.

In conclusion, these have been the best four years of my life.

I'll never forget you!

The beginning of the end

  These four years have been too good but this is the end of  the family that we form.
 In the first year I only knew some people but with the time I started to know more and more people.
There are too many moments and I can't choose anyone in particular.
For example:

-When we celebrate christmas wiht all the institute

-At the end of the first year in eso when we went to Gibraltar.

And more exaitings things happens later. But now is the end of a group form in a bilingual class an a beginning of a new step in ours lifes

Bye bilingueisasa

- Hi! Hello you there!

- Is anybody out there. Oh, you must be gone by now! I can hear my own echo. Those rooms are now empty, but I still feel you all around.

I remember that I was once your math teacher. You were so young and naive when i met you (well, the latter may not be true). I can’t forget the first day I arrived to Santos Isasa High School. I was really happy because the previous year I taught in Priego and that was pretty far from Córdoba. But Montoro was so close that I couldn’t believe it.

That first day, with no students at sight, the first teacher I saw was Rafa. When I told him that I was the new bilingual math teacher he received me with open arms and a smile full of hope. They had been looking forward to meeting me. He had a great project in mind and from that moment I was part of it.

I have had very good moments with all of you, and I remember how Brittany tried to make maths funnier than they already are. She created Berter The Converter and we always laughed when you asked once and again the very same question: Do I use pen or pencil? Another good moment was when you just read an English word in Spanish as “meangüile”. And what about Math Bingo!

I remember all the teachers that are part of this incredible project specially Alberto and Yolanda. I have learned a lot from them. We tried to find the best way to coordinate our efforts to make the wheel go round.

You, boys and girls, have been a very important part in my love for teaching math in English. Your enthusiasm in those first moments, your energy and your work (yeah, I know you could have done more, but this is not the moment, ok?) has taught me that motivation is an essential part of the learning process.

- Oh! Hello Rafa! How are you?
- I’m fine, I didn’t know you were coming today.

- It was just a surprise.
- You look great! Were you talking to someone?

- No, no, I was just... eh... thinking aloud. I felt everything so quiet that I was trying to remember some of the good moments we spent on these corridors.
- I see. But you know, that’s how life is. Something ends and something new is waiting for us around the corner.

- I know and I don’t feel sad. You have done a great job right here. They look so... grown ups! And their English is incredible. I’ve been following the blog these two years since I leaved Montoro.
- Yes, it’s amazing!

- I’d like to tell you something. This project that has just started with this first group would have been impossible without your help. You showed us the way with your enthusiasm, you showed us how important is to be a part of a team and how lucky your students has been. Coordinating a project like this is not very easy, but you are doing it great, because I feel that thanks to your effort our work was easier, and this is fantastic. I have to go now. Thank you!!


The best years of my life

I can't choose one moment because there are too much so i would make a resume of this fours years

I remember the first day here, i was very nervous. I met a lot of new people , i met Mari Paz and all my friends today. the first week was horrible, new subjects, new teachers, new place so it was strange but finally i adapted to this place.
One of the best moments was when we met britany, Why?, she was special for us, she was the first language assistan we have, she was a great friend of mine, my sandiwches in this time were enormous, and she was impacted.

Finally i think all the work we make together. we all work together to make all the work and always, we begun all the work the  day before and always we present all the work late.

these four years teach to me that our friends are one of the most important things of our life and my life.

Monday, June 17, 2013

this is not the end

I couldn't describe how we have lived these four years.
I have to admit that at the benning we argued a lot but we know that after the storm the calm comes and with it the good moments.

I believe that an image is worth more that thousand words:

Moments embarrassing for us,although for the others thought we were cute

Moments that we enjoyed without think what could think the others

Moments like that

not bye, see you soon

no comments

At the end , our tutor

And  the winners

And this year with new partners

this is not the end..