Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We wil never forget

These four years have been so important for us that is difficult to sum up them in a blog entry. Everything started with Rafa (of course) coming to our schools to tell us about the bilingual group that was starting the next year. Many of us were afraid of it, wondering if it would be too difficult or not, but finally 21 unconscious people were the first bilingual group ever.
As usual, we have complained about this fact many times. We have thought that teachers were experimenting with us. For example, we all remember Christmas Carol play we did in 1º of ESO (I'll have nightmares about Rudolf the rest of my life). When we heard that the next classes weren't doing it, we became angy.

Of couse, I didn't choose a photo with Rudolf

On the other hand, as we were the first ones, we started new, good things. Our very first big trip together was to Gibraltar. Altought we call it that way, we were about not to go there, And we spent most of it at the beach. Remenber that Spain was playing the Eurocup. We were the first to go to Paris and London (trip I'm not gonna talk about 'cause my partners have already done it. This was a perfect excuse for Rafa for telling us once and again to work hard. And Spain was playing the Eurocup, and won both of them!!

Another important thing about this four years is the Fiesta De Las Mesas. In 1º, we didn't know what was it about, and so the dresses were. In 2º, an strange, but maybe funny idea came to our minds, and we made the fool. But in 3º and 4º, with Rafa us a leader, we were the best groups ever. I'm not going to look for a translation for Tongo 'cause it means exactly what has happened this year.

In 1º, we were a new group and we didn't know some people that come from other schools. In addition, were split in two groups in some subjects. Now, after four years together, our class is like a family. I'll  miss you all in the future (as far as possible), when this end.
And now, Let's graduate!

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