Monday, June 17, 2013


It's difficult to choose the better moment or the worse moment of 4 years. We are a team, Falconis, Rafa's children, the 'bilinguals'... but, what they don't know are the 6 hours everyday since Monday to Friday together, always; with the best and the worse moments and things. Knowing always if one of us is in good or in bad condictions and that's the best thing that we could have; someone that knows you and always is next to you.

In my opinion, I think that the worse moments that we had passed are Rafa's calls, the moments since the meetings with the tutor until your parents arrived home... But we had to be honest, the good moments compensate for the bad moments. We had have lots of problems, like it's normal, but next to Rafa it always have been easier. 

It's difficult to describe 4 years in only a post, but there's one word that can describe it: FAMILY.
We are a team, a family and 21 people that have been always trying to do new projects and today, I had to say that sometimes we didn't want to do it, or we had done the silly, but all these projects and moments had been special and we had learnt lots of things.

And now, I only can say this:

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