Saturday, February 25, 2012

You can't defend anything that you do not know what is

Last Wednesday we did a debate, communism against capitalism. I let's be small of economy, rather at all. I touch myself to defend the capitalism.

Capitalism: economic Regime been founded on the predominance of the capital like element of production and creator of wealth.

Its law is the law of OFFER AND DEMAND.
It was founded by Adam Smith.The stade mustn't intervene in the economy

Since the whole capitalism has advantages and disadvantages.
- capacity for car to reform.
- it has not imposed.
- the free market of goods and regular services, etc.
- the distribution of the wealths is not equitable.
- it prefers the individual freedom, over the human rights.
- it generates a fierce competition for obtaining the money.

Communism: Doctrine that supports a social organization in which the goods are a common property. It was founded by Karl Marx.

Since the whole communism has advantages and disadvantages.
-There is equality in the company.
-The stade offers goods and public servicies.,etc.

-Lack of initiative for the companies.
-Slowness in the capture of decisions, due to the bureaucracy,etc.

Do you know about economic?
What do you think is better?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pets and animals

What's a pet?
A pet is a domestic animal. It can keep your company and can be even a very good friend.

Types of pets

This group involves the two more popular pets: cats and dogs. It also contains a well-known subgroup, the rodents (Hamsters, jerboa...). There are other domestic mammals like rabbits, ferrets or even farm animals like pigs, horses...

Then, we have birds. The most usual are "cage birds" those who live in a cage. Some examples are: Canaries, goldfinches...

Reptiles and amphibians
Turtles and iguanas are also common, but they need special care, so few people have one as a pet.

Tarantulas, scorpions, grasshoppers... the weirdest pets.

My ideal pet
If I know something about my future, it's that I'll want to have a dog. My ideal dog would be a golden retriever (Elena, shut up! XD)
  • Now, I want you to tell my what's a pet for you and what would be your ideal pet.

A famous date

From my point of view, if you love one person you must show your feelings day to day. I'm not agree with Saint Valentine's day, it's a normal day in which you must go to work or to study, it doesn't matter if you are in love or not.

Some religions defined it such as a day in which the people who are in love show their feelings to other persons. The history of Saint Valentine's day starts in the sigle III, when a emperor Claudio II forbade the marriages for young people because he thought that single people were better soldiers than married. But a priest called Valentine was desagree with the emperor and he celebrated marriages in secret for young in love people. When the emperor knew what the priest did he ordered that the priest were jail. One man said he that returns the view to his blind daughter and he aceptted and return the view.
Finally, the emperor ordered the murdered of the priest in 14 of Febuary 270. The girl that re returned the view planted an almond where he was killed.

Are you agree with Sain't Valentine's day?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The natural park of Cardeña and Montoro

The natural park of Cardeña and Montoro is a beautifull place here in our town.
it'svery important for our tourism and our economy, there, there is a very beutifull landscape.

There live a lot of animal like:
the lynx:
here live more lynx than in the other sites of iberian peninsula.

there are wolves tha apear in the film "betwen wolves"
there are two tipes of eagles:

imperial eagle:

and eagles:

There are reendiers and too famous for the ''Berrea''
There are more animal and plants in this place, if you want to know more, you should go to this sites and saw this fantastic place.

What tipes of animal there are in this place?
Can you tel me three sites of this parck?
and finally were is the information point?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trip to Paris and London II
We are in the second semester and we were talk about  gain money in the previous post.In this I am thinking in a lot of thing. One thing is  What clothes we must  take to the trip?
I have of reference of the climate of 26, 27, 28 June of 2011
  Last year the temperature was between 18ºC and 23ºC . The precipitation was between 4.2mm and 5.9mm in form of small downpour.I recommended  clothes  of  long-sleeved with a slicker and umbrella.

                                                                      I have reference of the climate of 24 and 25 June of 2011.
Last year the temperature were between 15ºC and 19ºC.This time didn´t rained.I think that the clothes is similar because can rain.
                                          In your opinion, can you say me what clothes you take to the strip?
                                          How many suitcase you are going to go?