Saturday, February 25, 2012

You can't defend anything that you do not know what is

Last Wednesday we did a debate, communism against capitalism. I let's be small of economy, rather at all. I touch myself to defend the capitalism.

Capitalism: economic Regime been founded on the predominance of the capital like element of production and creator of wealth.

Its law is the law of OFFER AND DEMAND.
It was founded by Adam Smith.The stade mustn't intervene in the economy

Since the whole capitalism has advantages and disadvantages.
- capacity for car to reform.
- it has not imposed.
- the free market of goods and regular services, etc.
- the distribution of the wealths is not equitable.
- it prefers the individual freedom, over the human rights.
- it generates a fierce competition for obtaining the money.

Communism: Doctrine that supports a social organization in which the goods are a common property. It was founded by Karl Marx.

Since the whole communism has advantages and disadvantages.
-There is equality in the company.
-The stade offers goods and public servicies.,etc.

-Lack of initiative for the companies.
-Slowness in the capture of decisions, due to the bureaucracy,etc.

Do you know about economic?
What do you think is better?


  1. Pilar, comunism exists before Karl Marx, Greek people thinked a kind of comunism in where all of the goods were shared. I don't know many things about economy, only some thing to defend myself.

    I don't like comunism or capitalism, the perfect way of organizing is a mix of both, a kind of capitalism in where there's a top of money that a person can have and everyone has a minimum amount of money , enough to survive and satisfy the basical needs.

    Comunism is bad because there's not freedom and the goverment controls EVERYTHING and year after year, there are fewer countries without this system because it's got lots of mistakes. I compare two near countries, one with comunism and the otrer with capitalism:

    North Korea (comunism) North Korea is one of the poorest countries of Asia, has a supreme leader, bad services, bad comunication, they have to crey the death of their dictator and, each year, it's becoming poorer.

    South Korea (capitalims) North Korea is one of the richest countries in the world. It's got democracy, one of the best services, the fastest internet consexion, almost total freedom, the best pupils in the world and, it's emerging.

    In the middle of the 20th century, these two countries were with the same troubles, and they were similar.

    Capitalism, is bad too, because there are some rich people who control the world and they have more money than FULL COUNTRIES. Here you have a list of the richest men in the world.

    Carlos Slim Helu & family
    $74 B
    Bill Gates
    $56 B
    Warren Buffett
    $50 B
    Bernard Arnault
    $41 B
    Larry Ellison
    $39.5 B
    Lakshmi Mittal
    $31.1 B
    Amancio Ortega
    $31 B
    Eike Batista
    $30 B
    Mukesh Ambani
    $27 B
    Christy Walton & family
    $26.5 B

    Well, your entry is one of the best in our blog and I like it very much! Good job, kisses!

  2. I don´t like economic because I don´t understand so much, so I don´t know what is better.

    Good post Pilar!

  3. Well, I'm like elena, I haven't got idea of economy, politics etc.. but i supose that with the time i'm going to know about it. In conclusion, capitalism and comunism have disadvantages,so the both have bad things.
    great post pilar!:)

  4. In spite of some grammar mistakes, we all agree that your entry is a great one, for it widens the variety of topics dealt with here on the blog. Although you don't know much about economics, you live in a society in which money is "almost" essential for everything. This is the right moment to think about how you as teenagers (the adults of the near future) want to organize the society in which you want to live. Read about that, ask your teachers about what you don't know and make a critical analysis of what you see and live.

  5. I'm sorry but I hate your entry but it's very complete, I don't understand anything jaja

  6. I agree with marisa, I don't know anything of economy, so i'm not going to talk about it.


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