Friday, November 23, 2012


Greece belongs to the European Union. It is situated in the south of the Balkan peninsula in the littoral of Mediterranean sea.

Greece belongs to a parliamentary republic.

Every four year celebrate de elections in Hellenic Parliament, where there is chosen the president and to the primer minister. Greece belongs to the European Union in 1981

The president of Greece is, Karolos Popoulias

And to the primer minister is, Antonis Samarás

The greece kitchen is very mentioned by the mediterranean diet. Some traditional food are:



The climate of Greece belongs to the Mediterranean climate, which has humid and moderate in winter, warm and dry in summer. The coast west is the most humid and the coast east is least humid.

-Would you like to travel to Greece?
-Might you say some city of Greece?

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Ireland is a country of the European Union. It is located in the north, next to the UK.

Until 1922. Ireland belonged to the UK.

In 1949, the Irish state was declared, as the Republic of Ireland.

The president of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins.

He is chosen every seven years and is chosen only once.

Its official languages are Irish and English.

A traditional Irish dish is the boxty.                    Another, is the coddle, it is made of sausages with cooked pork.        
The most popular sports are hurling and football.

The climate is normal, but variable. The warmest temperature was of 33.3ºC and the coldest was -19.1ºC.
The precipitations are distributes all the year.

And now, it is your turn, answer this questions:
-Do you want to visit this country? Why?
-Whay country do you want to visit? Why?

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Denmark is a country situated in the north of Europe. His capital and his most populated city is Copenhage situated in Selandia island. Denmark's territory is composed by Jutlandia's peninsula and for 407 islands. It's surrounded by the North sea and the Baltic sea.

Denmark is one of the most ancient monarchies of the world, the political system is characterized by the agreements between diverse parties, Denmark's first female prime minister is Helle Thorning-Schmid. Denmark is considered one of the best cities to
live in the world, people think that the Danish men and Danish women are the happiest persons in the world. They speak Danish, who is the Scandinavian language and use the Danish crown, which is their official currency.

The climate of Denmark is the typical climate of a zone of transition between the atlantic and continental climate, the climate is moderated and uniformly, thanks to the maritime influence, with predominance of Atlantic winds. The climate is warn on the coasts and the south of the country and the precipitations are moderated. In relation with the vegetation, the most abundant tree is the beech, which forms extensive forests.

The gastronomy of Denmark has been traditionally and strongly influenced by the French kitchen here there are some traditional dishes:

 -Frikadeller, meatballs of meat of pork and meat of veal mixed with milk, flour, eggs, onion and spices.

Æbleflæsk, pork with apple.

-Kartoffelsuppe, potatoes's soup and leek.


 1-Do you like Denmark?
2-Would you prove their traditional dishes?

 I hope you like my entry.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We speak about Scotland many times but...                                Do you really know all about it? I don't think so.

Scotland is a country that forms part of the UK. This country borders with England and is bounded with the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, North Channel and Irish Sea.

In the next photo you can see where it's located:

The capital of Scotland is called Edinburgh, it's one of the biggest cities and it's one of Europe's largest financial centres. Edinburgh was the hub of the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century, which transformed Scotland into one of the commercial, intellectual and industrial powerhouses of Europe.   

Scotland has about 5,254,800 habitants and they're called Scottish or Scots, most famous like Scottish. You will see Scotland's flag in the next picture:

  The climate of Scotland is temperate and tends to be very changeable. We can say that it's warm.
Scottish people are very characterized because they drink lots of beer and because they have scottish music like a significant aspect of the nation's culture, with both traditional and modern influences. The most traditional Scottish instrument is the Great Highland Bagpipe more common like "Bagpipe"; it's a wind instrument consisting of three tubes and a melody pipe, they're fed continuosly by a reservoir of air in a bag. In the next pictures you can see types of Scottish's beer and Scottish's "Bagpipes".

·In this photo you can see how Scottish get dress when they play Bagpipes.

In Scotland the official language is English but they speak more like Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, etc. 
Scotland have devolved goverment and within a constitutional monarchy. The prime minister of Scotland is Alex Salmond. In the next webpage you can find more things about him.

In Scotland there're lots of typical food, i'm going to say you some of they and i'm going to show you some pictures, then you've to look for 2 o 3 more and tell me in which consist it.




And for finish my post I'm going to show you a video of Scotland.


Monday, November 5, 2012



Germany is a Central European country that is part of the European Union.

Its capital is Berlin, is the most populous city in German. 
The economy, Germany is the fourth largest economy and its currency is the euro. 
Its current president is Joachim Gauck

And Angela Merkle is the head of government ande exercises exective power , like the prime minister.

German and German words come from Latin.

The northern climate is oceanic rainfall occurs throughout the year.
Winters are mild and summers tend to be cool.
Its flora, forests and coniferous wood
The three main rivers are: Rin , Elba and Danubio.
Its fauna, mainly mammals.

German gastronomy is influence from Switzerland. Pork, beef and poultry are the most popular dishes.

In Germany women's football and men's sports are more prominent

What do you think about germany?

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Finland is a Nordic country member of the European Union located in northern Europe. Finland has a population of 5,300,000 inhabitants. It is bordered on the west by Sweden, to the east by Russia and north Norway. To the west and south is surrounded by the Baltic Sea.

The climate is temperate to cold, with occasional severe winters and moderately warm summers. Although it seems it us stranger, in findland there are two very differents parts, for example, in the north, there are 120 days of winter, with 4 month of snow, and in the south, there are 180 days of winter, with 7 month of snow. Finland reaches freezing temperatures in winter in the south down to -25 ° C in January and February, while in the north often fall below -40 ° C. At this time of year this territory lacks sunlight for most of the day.With the arrival of summer and the midnight sun will reach temperatures of 15 ° C in the north and 20 ° C in the south.The average annual rainfall is 500 to 600 millimeters in the north and 600 to 700 millimeters in the south.The Finnish landscape is mostly flat with some low hills.

The capital and largest city of the country is Helsinki.The most Finns speak Finnish as their official language, and the second language is swedish

The Gastronomy of Finland is marked by the consumption of fish (usually freshwater), such as salmon, fermentation of vegetables, etc..
Finland's economy is one of the most prosperous on the continent and the education system is recognized as a reference model

1.Do you think Finland would be a country of great opportunities to live and work?
2.In the text, I talk about the ''midnight sun'' What is it? when is it?
3. why do you think that the education system is recognized as a reference model?

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Italy is mainly montainous, except for the Po plain the north, and runs from the Alps to the central Mediterranean Sea. It includes the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, Elba and about 70 others smaller ones.
There are two small independent states within peninsular Italy: the Vatican City in Rome, and the Republic of San Marino.

Italian cuisine is one of the most refined and varied in Europe, from the piquant flavours of Naples and Calabria to the pesto dishes of Liguria and the cheese and risotto dishes of the Italian Alps.
Italian cuisine is one of the most refined and varied in Europe, from the piquant flavours of Naples and Calabria to the pestro dishes of Liguria and the cheese and risotto dishes of the italian Alps.