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Finland is a Nordic country member of the European Union located in northern Europe. Finland has a population of 5,300,000 inhabitants. It is bordered on the west by Sweden, to the east by Russia and north Norway. To the west and south is surrounded by the Baltic Sea.

The climate is temperate to cold, with occasional severe winters and moderately warm summers. Although it seems it us stranger, in findland there are two very differents parts, for example, in the north, there are 120 days of winter, with 4 month of snow, and in the south, there are 180 days of winter, with 7 month of snow. Finland reaches freezing temperatures in winter in the south down to -25 ° C in January and February, while in the north often fall below -40 ° C. At this time of year this territory lacks sunlight for most of the day.With the arrival of summer and the midnight sun will reach temperatures of 15 ° C in the north and 20 ° C in the south.The average annual rainfall is 500 to 600 millimeters in the north and 600 to 700 millimeters in the south.The Finnish landscape is mostly flat with some low hills.

The capital and largest city of the country is Helsinki.The most Finns speak Finnish as their official language, and the second language is swedish

The Gastronomy of Finland is marked by the consumption of fish (usually freshwater), such as salmon, fermentation of vegetables, etc..
Finland's economy is one of the most prosperous on the continent and the education system is recognized as a reference model

1.Do you think Finland would be a country of great opportunities to live and work?
2.In the text, I talk about the ''midnight sun'' What is it? when is it?
3. why do you think that the education system is recognized as a reference model?


  1. 1. Yes, it is very advanced and there are lots of chances.
    2. It is that, because of the aproximity with the North Pole, in winter sunlight is almost during all the day. In winter
    3. Because Finnish pupils have a very good level and the discipline is very high and it is totally free

  2. 1.Yes, I think so
    2.It is a natural phenomenon occurring in summer months at places north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun remains visible at the local midnight.
    3.Because pupils have a good level and a good education.

    Good post Carmen!

  3. 1. Yes, it's a very developed country.
    2. It's a phenomenon that occurs in the months of July,Agost or September when the sun is visible at midnight.
    3. Because pupils finished it with a very good level and forms.

    great post carmen!

  4. 1. Yes, I think so.
    2. It´s a natural phenomenon ocurrs in the months of July, Agost or September at places north of the Artic Circle and south of the Antartic Circle where the sun is visible at midnight.
    3. Because pupils finished if with a very good level and forms.

    Good entry!


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