Friday, November 23, 2012


Greece belongs to the European Union. It is situated in the south of the Balkan peninsula in the littoral of Mediterranean sea.

Greece belongs to a parliamentary republic.

Every four year celebrate de elections in Hellenic Parliament, where there is chosen the president and to the primer minister. Greece belongs to the European Union in 1981

The president of Greece is, Karolos Popoulias

And to the primer minister is, Antonis Samarás

The greece kitchen is very mentioned by the mediterranean diet. Some traditional food are:



The climate of Greece belongs to the Mediterranean climate, which has humid and moderate in winter, warm and dry in summer. The coast west is the most humid and the coast east is least humid.

-Would you like to travel to Greece?
-Might you say some city of Greece?


  1. -Yes, I would. I love Greece and its monumets.It's a beautiful country.

    Good entry Vane!

  2. I would go to Greece because like Italie have several culture.
    The cities more important had said Elena BUt patras is too a important city.
    Good Post Vanesa

  3. Yes, why not? The most important cities are Patras, Athens,

  4. -Yes, I would.
    -Athens, Patra,...

    Good job:)


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