Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today is a special day for Spain. Today are commemorated thirty-four years since ratification by referendum of the Spanish of 1978.

It´s a sovereign country, member of the European Union, constituted in social and democratic State of right and which form of government is the parlamentary monarch.

Its territory is organized in 17 autonomous communities and two autonomous communities cities by the capital in Madrid. Spain is situated in western Europe, being the fourth extensive country in the continent.

According to the spanish constitution, the Castilian or Spanish is the official language of the State.

The spanish economy is the number 13, thanks mainly to the tourism.
 During the last four decades the spanish tourism industry has grown to become the second biggest in the world. 
Today, the climate of Spain, historical and cultural monuments and its geographic position together with its facilities make tourims one of the Spain´s main national insdustries and a large source of stable employment and development.

It´s necessary to emphasize that Spain is the second country in the world after Italy with the more monuments World Heritage.    

Nowadays, the president of the government is Mariano Rajoy.

One of the most important provinces of Spain is Córdoba!

Córdoba was an Iberian and Roman city in ancient times, in the Middle Ages it became the capital of an Islamic caliphate. 

Its historic centre was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1994, but 10 years earlier, 1984, had been the Mosque. It was nominated for the European Capital of culture for 2016. Being a finalist to represent Spain. 

And TODAY, the Yards of Córdoba have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

*There is a list of the 12 most important monuments in Spain, called "Tesoros de España" 
Mention one of the list, and its characteristic.


  1. I love the "Sagrada Familia" because of its architecture style. It is locates in Barcelona and it was designed by Gaudí, one of the most important Spanish architecters in History. It belongs to the list you have mention.

    From my point of view, your entry is the most beautiful I have read and when I read the news of the Yards of Córdoba, I became very happy.

    Good entry, María

  2. I love the mosque of Cordoba. It's a Renaissance basilica built by the Muslims in 1523. It's the second largest mosque in the world in area, behind the Mosque of Mecca.

    I love your post Maria!

  3. I like "La Alhambra". I think it is a very beautiful place and a interesting place. I have visited it twice.
    I like the mosque of Córdoba, too.
    Good post ;)


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