Friday, December 14, 2012


It´s located between France, Germany and Belgium it belongs to the European Union. The country has three official languages: German French and Luxembourgish. It is the smallest country in the European Union with 380000 inhabitants. Luxembourg is a parlamentary democracy, and it is a secular state.

This city attracts tourists because Luxembourg has a lot of famous beautifull castles. It´s a luxury country, tourist how have visited the country sais that Luxembourgers people is always drinking beer. Is that a stereotype? perhaps..

1-. Say a typical mail of Luxembourg.
2-. Would you like visit Luxembourg?

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  1. - I do not understand you, I'm showing you a typical webpage with ".lu"

    - Yes, why not? I would be able to speak French there and it would be a great experience.

    I like your post, it's wonderful! I think the stereotype is totally right, Luxembugers are always drunk! Hahahha


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