Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas is a special date for everyone in the world,but not for everyone are happy days.Most of people,when think in christmas,think in families eating,meeting,dancing,singing,in parties,but in that days there are persons living in the streets,with nothing to eat,with no familie,and this persons are really how know the meaning of christmas.
In Spain,the really important days are :
25 of november : We celebrate the born of Jesús.
31 of December: We celebrate the end of the Year.
1 of January:We celebrate the New Year.
6 of January: The " Reyes Magos" leave presents for children.

Well,every year I want for "Reyes" maany things,a mobile phone,a printer,a camera,but that year I thought in the persons how haven´t got house,or family,and I want for "Reyes" stay always with my family,and my friends,is the only thing I want,And you? What do you want for "Reyes"?


Monday, December 12, 2011

Films and special effects

The illusions used in the film industries are called special effects. These are used to simulate the imagined events in a story.

Special effects are traditionally divided into the categories of optical effects and mechanical effects.
-Optical effects are techniques in which images or film frames are created photographically.
-Mechanical effects are usually accomplished during the live-action shooting.

Here there are some examples:



Special effects began to be used at the beginning of the 80s. One of the first productions with special effects was "The young Sherlock Holmes", and then "King Kong".But, doubtlessly, one of the best films with special effects is AVATAR.

Avatar is an American science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron.
The story happens in the year 2154, when Jake Sully is turned into an avatar and is moved to Pandora. There, he and the others scientists investigate the Na'vi, the habitants of Pandora, and Jake falls in love with Neytiri. Jake tries to save the Na'vi because the scientists want to destroy Pandora.

It is also one of my favorites films.

Now, what about you?:

-What is your favorite film?
-Do you thing that special effects are a great technological advance?

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Like you know, I love clothes and I love going shopping.I usually go shooping with my friend Marisa or with my mother and my aunt. I usully go shopping in Cordoba because here, in Montoro there isn't shops of clothes. I love going shopping but I prefer going with my friends.
I usully go shopping once a week but I want to go more times.
One of my favourites shop of clothes is ZARA. Here you have a web,where you can see clothes and buy online.The bad things that Zara have is that the most clothes are expensive. There is clothes for boys and for girls, so boys, you can see clothes too!

Other of my favourites shop is stradivarius. Here you have a other web online to see clothes, I always see clothes here.You can see too! I love going stradivarius because the clothes is more cheaper than in zara.

I like other shops like H&M, Dunnes, Mango,Blanco, etc

I love others shops for boys is pull and bear and spriendfiel. I know boys don't like going shopping.But I hope you love my post :)

I hope you love my post! so, what's shops are you favourites?
What do you thing about zara, stradivarius, etc? Do you like?

I love you!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The improvements of cars.

The story begins with car propelled by steam vehicles eighteenth century. In 1885 the firstmotor vehicle internal combustion gasoline was created. It was divided into a series ofstages marked by major technological milestones.

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot constructed the first steam car call ``El Fardier´´. At the begining it was used to transport the military artillery .In 1769 the Cugnot's car started to circulate through the streets of Paris.

Later in 1770,Cugnot constructed another car more big than the first one and the it can transport 4'5 tons at a velocity of 4 km/h.

Around the 1870 the inventor Siegfried Marcus constructed another car that it function by an internal combustion engine fuel base,known as``Primer coche de Marcus´´.

In 1900 it was tha masive production of car. The first companies as were French.
In the stage of ``Latón o Eduardiana´´ it was named for the use of the latón for the bodywork. In the stage the aesthetics of the cars was still the old carriages.

Nowaday there are a lot of cars with fantastics aesthetics and it can run at 400 km/h as fast.
My favourite car is the Zonda Pagani. Here there is a photo.


1.- What is your favourite car? why?
2.- If you want,copy and paste in a coment the link of the image of your favourite car.
3.- Do you think that will be more improvements in the future?