Monday, December 12, 2011

Films and special effects

The illusions used in the film industries are called special effects. These are used to simulate the imagined events in a story.

Special effects are traditionally divided into the categories of optical effects and mechanical effects.
-Optical effects are techniques in which images or film frames are created photographically.
-Mechanical effects are usually accomplished during the live-action shooting.

Here there are some examples:



Special effects began to be used at the beginning of the 80s. One of the first productions with special effects was "The young Sherlock Holmes", and then "King Kong".But, doubtlessly, one of the best films with special effects is AVATAR.

Avatar is an American science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron.
The story happens in the year 2154, when Jake Sully is turned into an avatar and is moved to Pandora. There, he and the others scientists investigate the Na'vi, the habitants of Pandora, and Jake falls in love with Neytiri. Jake tries to save the Na'vi because the scientists want to destroy Pandora.

It is also one of my favorites films.

Now, what about you?:

-What is your favorite film?
-Do you thing that special effects are a great technological advance?


  1. I have got two favourites films, they're:
    -Dangerous minds
    -You've got mail
    Most people think that my favourite film is Twilight Saga or Harry Potter films, but they're wrong, I see many films and I love the most.

    -Yes, because if the special effects don't exist we couldn't see Matrix or Harry Potter.

  2. Thanks Ari. I didn´t know that you have another favorite film that it wasn´t Twilight or Harry Potter.

    Thank you for your comment!

  3. - Well, my favourite films are:

    · Charly and the chocolate factory. Too funny!
    · Life is beautiful. Best movie ever!
    · Black Swan. It's awesome!

  4. I think special effects are important to make the film more interesting but the plot of the film is more important to distinguish a good film with a bad film.

    If the plot is bad, the movie is bad
    If the special effects are bad, it can be a bad film or a good film
    If both are good, GREAT MOVIE!

  5. Ah, I like Inception's and Alice in Wonderland's special effects. They're... MAGNIFIC!


  6. I don't have a favourite film because I like so much.
    I think the special effects are very interensting, because when you make film are important the special effects.

    Good post Elena;)

  7. Thanks Peña and Vane!

    I agree with you Peña.I like Alice in Wonderland so much and I thing it´s a very good example of films with special effects

  8. My favourite film is "Camino" although is a film sad, I like it, the content of the film is very good. Also I like other films, such as romantics films, horror films...

    I agree with them, the effects are very important and interesting!

    HHHeeeleeeen, good post:):)

  9. I've a lot of favourites films.. I like titanic jaja, I like.. the day after tomorrow...

    And yes I think specials effects are very important, because without specials effects films would't be the same.

    Good post neni:)

  10. My favourite film is 3MSC, because is a beautiful film and I like the content too.
    And I think the effects are very important today.
    Good post girl!

  11. My favourite film is 3msc,El Diario de Noa etc..
    I think special effects are very important today but I don't like film with special effects so much

  12. And what do you think about Inception?

  13. Thanks you for your comments!
    And Peña, I don´t know nothing about Inception.
    Tell me something about this.
    Is it a good film?

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  15. My favorites films are; 3MSC and ''Perdona si te llamo amor''.
    I like the special effects, but, in some films, there are a lot of so, I don't like very much.
    Good post, one kiss(;

  16. It was one of the nominees of 2010's Oscar's awards. It's very difficult to understand but it's awesome. You must see it.. Do you like Oscar's?

  17. Thanks Carme!
    Peña: Yes I like Oscars so much and I always want that some spanish actors or actress win them!

  18. Nowadays if a film hasn't got amazing special effects people don't like it. Can you imagine going to the movies in the 50s, 60s, etc. when special effects were virtually non-existent? Antonio P. is right when he says that good special effects can make a good film more interesting, but good special effects are not enough if the story is boring.

  19. Yes, you´re right teacher. There are many good films that hasn´t got good effects, and if the story is boring special effects will not do that it is more interesting and enterteining.
    Thanks for your comment teacher!

  20. I don't have favourite flim, I usually like all the films.
    I don't like too much the effects.
    Good post;)

  21. I don´t have a favorite films but can be such as UP,Les Choristes...
    I like the effects becouse do the fimls more interesting.
    Good post and stop that say me that comment your posts.

  22. Thanks Gloria and Juanpe!
    I don´t going to say it more!xD


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