Monday, December 5, 2011

The improvements of cars.

The story begins with car propelled by steam vehicles eighteenth century. In 1885 the firstmotor vehicle internal combustion gasoline was created. It was divided into a series ofstages marked by major technological milestones.

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot constructed the first steam car call ``El Fardier´´. At the begining it was used to transport the military artillery .In 1769 the Cugnot's car started to circulate through the streets of Paris.

Later in 1770,Cugnot constructed another car more big than the first one and the it can transport 4'5 tons at a velocity of 4 km/h.

Around the 1870 the inventor Siegfried Marcus constructed another car that it function by an internal combustion engine fuel base,known as``Primer coche de Marcus´´.

In 1900 it was tha masive production of car. The first companies as were French.
In the stage of ``Latón o Eduardiana´´ it was named for the use of the latón for the bodywork. In the stage the aesthetics of the cars was still the old carriages.

Nowaday there are a lot of cars with fantastics aesthetics and it can run at 400 km/h as fast.
My favourite car is the Zonda Pagani. Here there is a photo.


1.- What is your favourite car? why?
2.- If you want,copy and paste in a coment the link of the image of your favourite car.
3.- Do you think that will be more improvements in the future?


  1. I like Mercedes becouse is elegant.
    Yes becouse the tecnology is improve

  2. I love Bugatti Veyron, because it's so fast, the more fast of the world. It has 1001 horses.

    Yes, because every moment the technicians invent something new.

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    It's very simple and cheap. The perfect car!

    You know the answer... Every day technicians are innovating!

  5. Ah, your entry is one of the most interesting and original entries. WELL DONE!

  6. I like the juampe's favourite car and ariadna's car,but Antonio i know it is more cheaper than other but driving these car you don't feel adrenaline,jaja. It would so boring. Thanks Antonio. (:

  7. I'm saveing money for buy these car, but if Ican't I'm going to buy a Lamborghini. But I'm between three : Lamborghini Gallardo or Lamborghini Sesto elemento or Lamborghini Aventador.
    Here you have the link of Lamborghini web, click in models.

  8. I haven't favourite car, but I like Audi A5, Q7, etc.
    Yes, because always will be inventing new cars.
    Good post:)

  9. I'm agree with you, this link page is the best,there are a lot of expensive cars and they are all very cool.

  10. Gloria: Your cars are very cool too but y like expensive cars,you know what I mean. (:

  11. I haven't favourite car but a like Audi TT and BMW Z4.
    Yes, because every year there is more develop

    good pos:)

  12. I love your car Vane,because the Audi TT is a small and fast car,and the BMW Z4 is a combertible car,there are so cool.

  13. I have other favourites cars like the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. Its so elegant, but it's small for tall people.

    -Alfa Romeo Giulietta, it's more cheap but elegant to. It's more for girls tha boys. I love it.

    -Volvo C30, It's the Edward Cullen's car so.. I LOVE IT!!!!

    -Pick up Chevrolet 50's, because is the old car of Bella:*Gdq8wfL4LJ12/Twilight20Bella27s20truck20on20set_thumb.jpg?width=482&height=367
    -Mercedes Guardian, it has 2 tons of battleship and missiles proof glass.
    Here you have a video of there car:

  14. -My favorite car is the Mini Cooper because it´s cool and small.

    Yes, because inventors are always inventing things!

    Good Post Kanalejo

  15. Kanalejo, if you fall down a precipice like in "Telma and Louis" driving a Ford Fiesta, you will feel the adrenaline

  16. Ah, I love Volkswagen, too:
    The beetle is my favourite!

  17. My favourte car is a red Micra like the car of the teacher Alberto Monterroso,because is small and for me is pretty.In the future,I think cars will fly.
    good post:)

  18. Ariadna, that's my favourite car not yours.
    Well, I love the nissan 370z for example. It's a really cool car, very beautiful and it's not very expensive

    But I think the most cool car is this:

  19. My favorite car is a peugeot becouse is very elegant
    Yes i think yes, becousee the tecnology is improving all time
    Good post Kana, one kiss(;

  20. I hate the Seat Panda.... It's an Spanish car, and well there aren't good cars, they're so slow. The Nissan is a really beauty car!!! I have more favourites cars but, I can't put it all of them here...

  21. I read the magazines of my fathers, because they are about cars and I love the most cars that the madazines show, I love cars!

  22. After reading about your favourite cars, what can I say? I like mine. It offers what I need, that's all, and it's not too expensive. Would you really buy the cars you talk about? Anyway, I hope scientists and the people who design cars may invent a new model that can fly soon. That would be a breakthrough!!


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