Thursday, May 30, 2013

An unforgettable trip: Paris and London 2012

Well, I know my entry isn't very original but all that are already done speak about the family that we have created these four years so I think, why don't speak about our great trip?. When we entered in the clasroom, about to begin 3º of ESO, we saw a big poster on the wall that said: ``We will go to Paris and London if we work hard´´and since that moment we knew that when we finish the school year we will go to these cities althoug three of our partners, Antonio Canalejo, Pepe and Alberto, didn't came with us.
I remember that, for me, the year was very long and I was waiting the 22th June since I started.

At last, the day came and we took a train from Madrid to Paris. The train was very boring but we took out our resources to spend a good time.When we arrived to Paris we saw our hotel, It was very beautiful and it was situated in the centre of the city, the beds were confortables but the best was the breakfast, French food is delicious.We saw some monuments from the city such as the Eiffel tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame..., and we was very tired but really happy.

Two days later we took the Eurostar and we arrived to London, we stayed there three days and it was amazing.The food in London isn't as delicious as in Paris but we can survive with sanwitches.We saw the Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster abbey and we took a lot of photos.We took the train again, and, together, we started cry, remembering all the special moments that we lived in these four years and thinking that it was the end.

So that's all and thank you for all the special moments that we lived together.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A pineapple, our pineapple

 I still remember, when we entered, that first impression, the first joints of the pineapple in which we have become. All together we have managed to address all the problems that have arisen from the first day to the last.

Also I'll take that trip to Gibraltar, our first excursion together, so many moments together, so many experiences.We started the Eso feel about children, and we're being a little more mature, more responsible, each in a different proportion, you understand me

In conclusion I want to thank for these four years so special, remember, we are a pineapple, the first bilingual class in  Montoro, and irreplaceable. thank you

Monday, May 20, 2013

More than friends, a family.

As you know, this year has come, the last together. The last year in which you enter in the class at 8:30 and even if you have a sad face, at the break you'resmiling because of your classmates. 

The last year in which we will all be together nervous about an exam or in which the days when you stay in the class or you must to study at the break are more than the days when you can go out at this time. 

With this I want to remind you that, as you can see at title of this post, we are more than friends, we are a big family composed of 21 members, each with their own characteristics, but no one better than another. Since four years that started this project, we have become the best in many ways (especially making excuses).
Together we've achived  all the goals we have set, all that we wanted.


 And this is the best example, our two last party tables. When we have won diferents awards thanks to our tutor, Rafa.

From the first year we've done some travels to diferent sites, but the best obviously have been to Gibraltar (the first year) and to Paris and London, do you remember this sticker? I want to go to London so I'm going to work as hard as I can.
And finally most of us went to Paris and London because we know that when we propose something we get it, although it is very difficult but together WE CAN.

To finish I want to thanks you for this 4 years and although we aren't going to stay in the same class and some of you aren't going to stay in Santos Isasa I hope you allways remember this fantastic years together, and remember; if you propose something you can get it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our beautiful four year

During this four year have passed  a lot of thing  like our trips, our assistant, our changes, the call of Rafa in our houses.....
For me is difficult to choose the better moment and the worse moment of my last four year.
The worse moment or day were exactly in Paris , the day of Saint John (24 of June).If i remember we had met in the hall a 7 more or less but my mobile phone didn´t sound and i continued to sleep until 8:00 more and less and thank to Carmen and Ariadna that shout me  out my bedroom. Later we went to the hall all the class was waiting me .I don´t want to remember the embarrassment that i feel in that moment.
Also here I can put:
 -The day that we have a exam of history- Spanish-Math (because we are stressed)
 -The day of the exam book that we don´t understand
 -The last day of class (because it will be the last class join)
 -The course navette....
The best moment is more difficult because there are a lot during four year .I have to choose I will choose the day that we knew  that we are in the same class.When i knew it i could breathe peaceful.
Also here I can put:
-The first day of class with Maripaz
-Our parties of table
-Our trip
-Our flash moment of humour in English
I will continue but In my opinion the only thing that i´m going to say is:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

We go together!

When Rafa said we have to write about our bests times like the first bilingual group, I started to think. What was my best time with all of you? I really didn't know. There are so many memories together.

Do you remember our carols festival?

What about Alyssa?

Could it be Saint George a good idea?

But then I reminded once upon a December. It was a sad day for me, something personal, but all of you were by my side. People I didn't meet as much as I could helped me to have a smile in my face all the day long. I have no words to describe our family. Yes, we are a family with no blood relationship. For me, the best time of all these four years is everyday we pass together, because we all are one, one class. We have swimmers, basketball players, gymnasts, musicians, full-day students... In a normal day we can see complains, laugh, cries, love, heartbreaks...

 We are all siblings, I would have written friends if we hadn't had little quarrels some days.

Remember we are the best first bilingual class ever.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Time goes so fast that that it seems like it was yesterday when we entered into the classroom for the first time... But, in the blink of an eye, we are in 4rth of ESO. In the blink of an eye, we are having our last lessons together owing to the different routes each one will choose. And, although the friendship and fellowship THE FIRST BILINGUAL GROUP had could disappear, try not to forget that one day we were like a family and use all the things we've learn in your lives (both good things and bad ones) in order to stand out between those boring people that form the world.
Despite the fact that there is not much time left, I won't become sad... Let's take advantage of this month and remember this experience as a happy one, as the best of our lives...


When I saw I had to upload my post on 8th May, I didn't know what to do. "Maria Cano's most famous quotes"? No, she would become angry. "Trip to Paris and London" or "Trip to Puerto de la Cruz"? No, most people would choose that topic... And then, I remembered...

One of the main conflict the class had against teachers were the group works they wanted us to do and, although at first we taught they would become a drudgery task, I must recognise it's one of the best things we have ever made together. And that's the reason why I've chosen the best group works and the things I've learnt as topic of my post. 

I don't care if you don't read all of them but read those which you have participated in, please. Apart from showing the school works we've done, I've used the post to express my gratitude and as it is very likely that next year we won't be together anymore... This entry will be in the bilingual blog forever and you will be always able to find it!  I have tried to write some text about most of you... Enjoy it! 

HOUSE HOLD CHORES- with MªIsabel and Carmen 

This is not the best I have done, neither the most laborious. But, Marisa, you know... In its development, we roared with laughter! I won't forget those moments with "Rosaura" (her doll) or the crazy family we made up. I will always have in my heart those hilarious videos  which we used to cry with laughter with... Thanks!
Carmen, you never came in our appointments but I think a farewell is needed. Next year, I strongly believe we won't be together and you know how necessary you are for me. You have been so important that been a lawyer or even a musician, I'll always remember you with a smile... Have a good life!




So, Marisa, remember this group work as the funniest of the 4rth year and, never losing your smile, work hard; YOU'LL BECOME THE BEST NURSE EVER! Good luck lioness;)

CENURE -with Antonio C. María Cano, María R. AndreaMaricarmen and Vane

A nuclear residues cemetery in Montoro? Yes, of course...
In spite of the fact that we didn't win the voting (it was draw) we made a huge effort. As a result, the mark was superb and... EVERYONE KNEW THAT WE WERE THE WINNERS!
We got into character in a such a good way that we dressed up and the animosity we had against those lousy greens could be felt in the atmosphere.
I've chosen this particular work owing to the schoolmates I was in the group with who have never been with me in the other ones.

Apart from Maria, next year we'll be in different classes, sure... Maricarmen, Antonio C. I wish you a very good life as Physical Education teachers. The way of becoming a mentor will be very difficult but as I see it, you will be able to rise above the obstacles. Specifically you, MC, make a final effort and never lose hope...

Andrea and Vane... They are the "delight of the garden", those girls who never lose the smile. Your bookishness is not enviable but I find your attitude one of the most remarkable of all of ours. Both blond girls show us that despite all the tragedies we must support, there's always a reason to laugh. Try not to change because the joy you transmit is often spread all around the classroom and if you continue with your jubilation, you'll achieve the best chances in your lives...

And María C... Oh, darling. I glad your rough vocabulary which make us happy and, although I sometimes think you are in the middle of the countryside with some goats; because of your picturesque way of thinking and the affection you give to me, you've become one of the closest schoolmates in this 4 years. Chatterbox and true friend... I'LL MISS YOU DARLING!

GLITTER CHRISTMAS- with Ana Simón and María R.

How can three people make a living room dirty with some glitter? Not a difficult task!
I have chosen this one because it is the only one I have made with my friend Simona and I wanted to remind her that she has become one of my best friends and I won't forget this four awesome years within her company.  As you know, we had to meet during Christmas time but we spent much more time taking photos than working -as usual- In spite of this, we didn't wasted that time. Those photos will last forever and if we aren't together next year, think of all the good moments we've lived looking at them. 
Later, we met again in order to finish it an the work succeeded and we had a good mark:D

You're not the most hard-working person. You are not the most intelligent one.
BUT YOU ARE THE GIRL WHO FIGHTS THE MORE AND YOU'LL GET THE RESULTS YOU PROPOSE. Have a good life, never change. Peña loves you;) Thanks.

HEALTHCARE- with María R. and Pilar

All the hate we kept against Joaquín broke out in a magnificent exposition about the Healthcare system different civilizations had. "Hassamahé" and the Mesopotamian information we invented will last forever and, although the mark wasn't good enough (owing to his hostility) we had a good time and Pilar wore the white coat for the first time. Coincidence? I'm afraid not! You'll be the doctor who will look after our children because despite your laziness, you are one of the most intelligent girls I have ever met.



In my view, you know you are one of the most special persons of all of the class because since we were 3, we've been in the same group and DUE to all the times we have gone back home together (gossip-time) 
Embarresment? WHERE? We sang, we danced, we made the most ridiculous object but WE HAD AN OUTSTANDING MARK (and that's what matters)

Try to make an effort in these last days because you will be able to do WHATEVER you want.


9 is a bad qualification, we only want 10. 
I must thank you the most original school works and all the afternoons we spent working and having fun together.
Group works aren't enjoyable per se, you make group works funny! 

When in the future I remember these four years, your faces will appear in my mind. I will continue in Maria's class (for sure) but Lidia, what happens with you?
I can't imagine a class without your presence, without your jokes or all the mischiefs we make. Most of the people of the class have become good schoolmates but, you are like my young sister and I expect we'll continue our friendship. Never forget you have a good friend in me and... YOU'LL BECOME THE BEST MERCADONA'S WORKER OF HISTORY. lol

Here you've got a compilation of the best works Three Speakers has made:


We had a good experience but I must recognize we spent a lot of time doing this activity. I always remind you the shameful role I had to do and although it looked easy, María couldn't stop making fun of me... Belén Esteban, WHY?
She was able to be Amy Winehouse and the time we spent recording her was officially named "THE LONGEST AFTENOON"... How dreadfully!
And Lidia, your pronunciation and look were the best ones... I wanted you to dress up but it was totally impossible!


In this recent activity we had the help of Javi and the result was too good, wasn't it? Although we thought we would have a bad qualification because "We were making fun on the Muslim culture" teachers didn't complain about it. The editing was a difficult task and we learnt how to change people voices (Yasmin D'Agrabah- you know)

Javi, thank you very much. You know you are a great guy (despite your old political ideas and your narrow-minded point of view) and you'll become an important man, being a NASA engineer or in the army, it doesn't matter. Try not to be a clown because your road is now beginningGOOD LUCK!


And, as usual, I am the one who plays the fool. My role was a tourist who came to Montoro with the purpose of visiting the most iconic landmarks of the town and Lidia helped me in the way of finding those monuments. Here, you've got the video. We hadn't got problems to enter to the residence and that what surprised me!


How many dialogues of English have we made together? How many times I have been in your house?  THOUSANDS, OF COURSE!

I can't remember all of them but I still recall the time when "you became pregnant" with Natalie Portman or the dialogue in which you threw out an Actimel packaging... Awesome!

I also recollect THE FIRST ENGLISH DIALOGUE. It was an interview in which I was the interviewer and we had a perfect mark. This was the first one of a list of good results which won't never disappear.

We started the ESO seated together, in the same desk. And I can imagine we'll also finish university sat together  because NOTHING can separate us (I am like a parasitic)

Since we were 3, we have been very good friends and I must thank you all the times you helped me because I can imagine this four years without anyone but, without my "little piggy" I couldn't have spent such a good time. We can laugh, cry and argue at the same time and all the hours spent doing homework together didn't lose out on...

Every time Rafa wanted us to do ANYTHING, I ask you what time can you meet at your house and that's because  we work well together and, after all this time, I can affirm that YOU ARE THE PERFECT TEAMMATE!

I haven't mentioned you in the other group works because you deserves an own section... An own section where I can express that if one day you feel bad, I can change the world with the purpose of making you believe we live in a better world. An own section where you can discover that you are golden and where I can tell you that I hope we will be friends forever.

I've tried to do it right helping you in all the things you demanded and, after this moody message, you must know you will succeed due to the mix of wisdom and effort you make and it's reflected in your excellent results. YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW, HERE YOU'VE GOT YOUR "CER" IN ME

So, this is all. Although you hate posting here, I don't find it so dreadful... This is my last entry, my last contribution to the bilingual blog. I hope you've liked all the things I've written and remember...


I'll miss all the group works... I'll miss you guys;( 
Thank you Rafa for all your dedication and for all that time you've spent in our education. Everybody was necessary but nobody was indispensable....


loads of love. APñC

Friday, May 3, 2013

Days flash past ... This is the end

Hi there! Almost 4 years have gone by since we started this new adventure together. We had an impressive challenge ahead of us and this might be the right time to assess what we have achieved. Was it worth it? Did the bilingual project fulfill your expectations? I would like to know what you think of all this. We have used the blog to register nearly all the activities we have done so far. Let's use it one last time to record our feelings about the bilingual project. How can we do it? Well, it's up to you. Whatever you like is OK. However, if you can't think of anything, try this: Choose a moment and explain why it was important to you. It could be some memories of one of the activities done or a precious moment dear to you that you want to share with us. And don't forget to include a photo!!

Personally, I can't choose just one moment. It's simply impossible to summarize 4 years with one picture. There have been so many ups and downs, so many good moments in which I thought everything was possible, and immediately after some setback would make me cry in despair! 
On the whole, I believe this has been one of the most important experiences in my career as a teacher and you will always be in my heart. But I don't want to sound too sentimental, so I am going to do what I want you to do: choose a picture and comment on it.

I think this was the beginning. We had started school like two weeks before but that first session with Brittany was, as I see it, the starting signal, the green light to a journey full of exciting adventures. Nothing could stop us then, and nothing can stop you now. Remember: you can beat the world, don't wait for luck, dedicate yourself and you can find yourself standing in the Hall of Fame.

Special moments:
- our first English lesson
- the first time I chatted in English online with one of you (I think it was Lidia)
- your oral presentations
- the "tutoría" sessions with Mª Paz
- the trip to Gibraltar, in spite of Javi attacking the monkeys
- whenever I have to phone your home (especially Ana Simón's)
- whenever I prepare a photocopy, anticipating Elena's protests
- singing together
- our two last "fiesta de las mesas"
- the trip to Paris and London, especially the return journey, when everybody was crying on the train
- ... and more, and more