Monday, May 20, 2013

More than friends, a family.

As you know, this year has come, the last together. The last year in which you enter in the class at 8:30 and even if you have a sad face, at the break you'resmiling because of your classmates. 

The last year in which we will all be together nervous about an exam or in which the days when you stay in the class or you must to study at the break are more than the days when you can go out at this time. 

With this I want to remind you that, as you can see at title of this post, we are more than friends, we are a big family composed of 21 members, each with their own characteristics, but no one better than another. Since four years that started this project, we have become the best in many ways (especially making excuses).
Together we've achived  all the goals we have set, all that we wanted.


 And this is the best example, our two last party tables. When we have won diferents awards thanks to our tutor, Rafa.

From the first year we've done some travels to diferent sites, but the best obviously have been to Gibraltar (the first year) and to Paris and London, do you remember this sticker? I want to go to London so I'm going to work as hard as I can.
And finally most of us went to Paris and London because we know that when we propose something we get it, although it is very difficult but together WE CAN.

To finish I want to thanks you for this 4 years and although we aren't going to stay in the same class and some of you aren't going to stay in Santos Isasa I hope you allways remember this fantastic years together, and remember; if you propose something you can get it.

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