Thursday, May 30, 2013

An unforgettable trip: Paris and London 2012

Well, I know my entry isn't very original but all that are already done speak about the family that we have created these four years so I think, why don't speak about our great trip?. When we entered in the clasroom, about to begin 3º of ESO, we saw a big poster on the wall that said: ``We will go to Paris and London if we work hard´´and since that moment we knew that when we finish the school year we will go to these cities althoug three of our partners, Antonio Canalejo, Pepe and Alberto, didn't came with us.
I remember that, for me, the year was very long and I was waiting the 22th June since I started.

At last, the day came and we took a train from Madrid to Paris. The train was very boring but we took out our resources to spend a good time.When we arrived to Paris we saw our hotel, It was very beautiful and it was situated in the centre of the city, the beds were confortables but the best was the breakfast, French food is delicious.We saw some monuments from the city such as the Eiffel tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame..., and we was very tired but really happy.

Two days later we took the Eurostar and we arrived to London, we stayed there three days and it was amazing.The food in London isn't as delicious as in Paris but we can survive with sanwitches.We saw the Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster abbey and we took a lot of photos.We took the train again, and, together, we started cry, remembering all the special moments that we lived in these four years and thinking that it was the end.

So that's all and thank you for all the special moments that we lived together.

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