Thursday, May 9, 2013

We go together!

When Rafa said we have to write about our bests times like the first bilingual group, I started to think. What was my best time with all of you? I really didn't know. There are so many memories together.

Do you remember our carols festival?

What about Alyssa?

Could it be Saint George a good idea?

But then I reminded once upon a December. It was a sad day for me, something personal, but all of you were by my side. People I didn't meet as much as I could helped me to have a smile in my face all the day long. I have no words to describe our family. Yes, we are a family with no blood relationship. For me, the best time of all these four years is everyday we pass together, because we all are one, one class. We have swimmers, basketball players, gymnasts, musicians, full-day students... In a normal day we can see complains, laugh, cries, love, heartbreaks...

 We are all siblings, I would have written friends if we hadn't had little quarrels some days.

Remember we are the best first bilingual class ever.


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