Thursday, December 8, 2011


Like you know, I love clothes and I love going shopping.I usually go shooping with my friend Marisa or with my mother and my aunt. I usully go shopping in Cordoba because here, in Montoro there isn't shops of clothes. I love going shopping but I prefer going with my friends.
I usully go shopping once a week but I want to go more times.
One of my favourites shop of clothes is ZARA. Here you have a web,where you can see clothes and buy online.The bad things that Zara have is that the most clothes are expensive. There is clothes for boys and for girls, so boys, you can see clothes too!

Other of my favourites shop is stradivarius. Here you have a other web online to see clothes, I always see clothes here.You can see too! I love going stradivarius because the clothes is more cheaper than in zara.

I like other shops like H&M, Dunnes, Mango,Blanco, etc

I love others shops for boys is pull and bear and spriendfiel. I know boys don't like going shopping.But I hope you love my post :)

I hope you love my post! so, what's shops are you favourites?
What do you thing about zara, stradivarius, etc? Do you like?

I love you!


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  2. I love going shopping x) jajaaa, you know!

    I have a lot of favourites shops,
    Zara is great, stradivarius too jaja and there are many fantastic shop more.

  3. haahaha yes pilar, I know you love go shopping like me!

  4. Ihate go shopping, and the only shop I preffer is Stradivarius.

  5. I love go shopping..jajjaaj
    My favourite shops are pimkie,stradivarius.. etc
    good post;)

  6. I love going shopping!
    My favorites shops are Zara and Mango. I like Bershka and Stradivarius too.

    Good Post Ana!:)

  7. ari, do you hate? I can't believe!

  8. I love shopping,it´s my favourite hobby! :)

    My favourite shop is Stradivarius and I like Zara, Pull and bear, Blando and Brershka too, :) good job ana!

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  10. Ana I love shopping,you know and I love go shopping with you jajaja
    My favourite shops are stradivarius, berska, zara, pimkie, blanco etc

  11. I love shopping,you know.It´s my favourite hobby!
    My favorite shop are zara, blanco, breska, pimkie, stradivarius, pull and bear, etc
    Good entry, i love you(L)

  12. I love shoping, good post ana:)
    My favourite shop are breska, straidivarius and blanco.

  13. I love go shopping ;)
    I think that Zara, Stradivarius are good shop, I like them.
    My favourite shops are Zara, Blanco, Breska, I think all of them ajajajja
    Good post;)


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