Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas is a special date for everyone in the world,but not for everyone are happy days.Most of people,when think in christmas,think in families eating,meeting,dancing,singing,in parties,but in that days there are persons living in the streets,with nothing to eat,with no familie,and this persons are really how know the meaning of christmas.
In Spain,the really important days are :
25 of november : We celebrate the born of Jesús.
31 of December: We celebrate the end of the Year.
1 of January:We celebrate the New Year.
6 of January: The " Reyes Magos" leave presents for children.

Well,every year I want for "Reyes" maany things,a mobile phone,a printer,a camera,but that year I thought in the persons how haven´t got house,or family,and I want for "Reyes" stay always with my family,and my friends,is the only thing I want,And you? What do you want for "Reyes"?



  1. All I want for Christmas is....

    Boo-boo Stewart without t-shirt!

    No, really... I want Pride and Predjuice book and Inteview with the vampire....

    Vane, I become a fan of Anne Rice for you!

  2. But Santa isn´t popular in Spain..

  3. Hello Ana! This year, my presents are not so good as last years but, they're not so bad:

    I'm not going to have anything for Christmas because my parents are not very rich and if I wanna go to London, I must forget about presents. The present is visiting both cities.

    My sister has given to me a video-game of Layton. It's very difficult but it's too exciting! And her boyfriend, will give me an old TV.

    I have said to my grandma if she can make a sharp for me and, if she goes to the countryside, she will make it!

    My cousin will make me a drawing. It's very special and he won't need any money! Good present, what do you think?

    And finally, my aunt will give me the book "The Lord of the Rings". I have seen the film but usually, books are better than film because they are more complete!

    If you want to give me a present... Hahahahaha

    Bye! I love your entry! XOXO

  4. Of course,I will give you a drawing,like your cousin,and lot of love,of course.

  5. This year I don´t want many things for "Reyes". May be clothes and money.

    Good Post Ana!

  6. So, Ana, when the school starts, I want you to make me a drawing of us in London and in Paris, hahahaha. If you give me that, I think it will be one of my best presents this year! It's impossible to make a drawing better than my cousin's one but, you can try!

    Loads of love!

  7. I would like the Three Wise Men to bring:
    - A ton of patience, to understand that my students need time to fully give what they have inside
    - The wisdom to challenge them in the right way
    - A good map of London and Paris

    I was going to ask for more English lessons, but since that's impossible, I prefer the ones I mentioned above.


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