Thursday, November 15, 2012


Denmark is a country situated in the north of Europe. His capital and his most populated city is Copenhage situated in Selandia island. Denmark's territory is composed by Jutlandia's peninsula and for 407 islands. It's surrounded by the North sea and the Baltic sea.

Denmark is one of the most ancient monarchies of the world, the political system is characterized by the agreements between diverse parties, Denmark's first female prime minister is Helle Thorning-Schmid. Denmark is considered one of the best cities to
live in the world, people think that the Danish men and Danish women are the happiest persons in the world. They speak Danish, who is the Scandinavian language and use the Danish crown, which is their official currency.

The climate of Denmark is the typical climate of a zone of transition between the atlantic and continental climate, the climate is moderated and uniformly, thanks to the maritime influence, with predominance of Atlantic winds. The climate is warn on the coasts and the south of the country and the precipitations are moderated. In relation with the vegetation, the most abundant tree is the beech, which forms extensive forests.

The gastronomy of Denmark has been traditionally and strongly influenced by the French kitchen here there are some traditional dishes:

 -Frikadeller, meatballs of meat of pork and meat of veal mixed with milk, flour, eggs, onion and spices.

Æbleflæsk, pork with apple.

-Kartoffelsuppe, potatoes's soup and leek.


 1-Do you like Denmark?
2-Would you prove their traditional dishes?

 I hope you like my entry.


  1. Yes, I love Denmark
    No, I wouldn't . Forma my point of view they are disgusting
    Good entry, Marisa

  2. Yes, i like Denmark. I think that it's a very interesting country.
    No, i woultdn't becouse I'm picky eating and wouldn't be able to eat something that I don't know what is it
    Good post Marisa;)

  3. 1.Yes,I like it so much.
    2.No,I wouldn't. They don't look very good.

    Good post Marisa!

  4. Yes, I like it
    No, I would't because there are bad aspect

  5. Yes, I like it !
    No, I wouldn´t because they look bad!

    Good post!


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