Monday, November 5, 2012



Germany is a Central European country that is part of the European Union.

Its capital is Berlin, is the most populous city in German. 
The economy, Germany is the fourth largest economy and its currency is the euro. 
Its current president is Joachim Gauck

And Angela Merkle is the head of government ande exercises exective power , like the prime minister.

German and German words come from Latin.

The northern climate is oceanic rainfall occurs throughout the year.
Winters are mild and summers tend to be cool.
Its flora, forests and coniferous wood
The three main rivers are: Rin , Elba and Danubio.
Its fauna, mainly mammals.

German gastronomy is influence from Switzerland. Pork, beef and poultry are the most popular dishes.

In Germany women's football and men's sports are more prominent

What do you think about germany?


  1. I love Germany because my father is German and I would like to live and work there when I became older. I like Angela Merkel and her politics! Good entry!

  2. I like Germany and I think many spanish people, like us, are going to work there because is where there are work.

    Good entry Pilar!

  3. I think like Antonio and Elena, i like Germany and in the future i would like to visit it. It's an interesting place!
    Good entry pilar!

  4. I like Germnay because is a good country for visit and work. The more famous diplomatic are here. Good post Pilar.

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  6. I like very much Germany, i think that it's the country of every spanish people go to work. We'll work here :)
    Good post Pilar

  7. I agree with them, I love Germany, and when I oldder I want to go there, well for a while, or live there.
    Good entry :)

  8. I love Germany, and in the future perhaps I´ll work there.

    Good post:)


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