Friday, March 2, 2012

First lego league

As you know tomorrow my brother is going to take part in a robots´competition. In this school there are two groups. If they win they will go to the spanish championship.
The competition consists of two parts.

First part: The lego has to pass a tabletess. They put their robot in the table and the robot has to do some testing such as moving ball, drag trucks, move levers ... So the had prepared the robot to do this things.

Second part: Scientific project, it consist in find a new form of food preservation. They have to find a container to preserve food better. They have prepare a musical to show their container.
Next year what subgect are you going to choose, biology or tecnology?
this activity is realise by both. Tecnology students make de robot and biology students make the container.


  1. I don't know which subject I will choose because, I love tech and I would like to be engineer but Biology is a wonderful subject and I would like to be a doctor.

    I don't know if I'll be in Sciences... hahaha

  2. I'll by in letter's part...-.-' But if I must to choose one I choose Technology!

  3. I´ll be in letter´s part too, but I choose Biology because I love animals and all about them!

  4. I think I'll be in letter's part but if I choose scince's part I'll choose biology because for me it's more interesting.
    Good entry:)

  5. Good entry, Mª Carmen! Can you tell us what happened in the competition? I've heard they won a prize...
    Well, you must think carefully what you want to study next year. It's an important decision: SCIENCE - ARTS/HUMANITIES
    In which subjects do you feel more confident? What would you like to study at university? Are you good at those subjects? If you answer these questions correctly, you'll probably make the right decision.
    We'll talk about that soon in class.

  6. I like do this things, but when I'll choose, I will choose Biology, because I like the nature, animals, etc.
    Good post:)


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