Friday, March 9, 2012


The overweight is found in the children because the children eat pastries and sweets.

The children have excessive food but lack of exercise and this drives to a worrying vicious circle.

The overweight is a common condition, specially where the foods are abundant.

The main causes are:

-The energy factor and alteration of metabolism
-Excessive eating
-Alimentary conduct disorder
-Too slow metabolism

Can you tell me what the percentages in the adults and the children are?


  1. This is an interesting topic. It is true that more and more people (particularly children) are getting overweight now. Who is to blame? I want to know everybody's opinion so write your comments here.

  2. I don't have overweight, but many people have it, specially children, but adults have it, too.
    I think they have it because of the stress.
    Good post vane:)

  3. I don´t have it but I think many children have it because of their problems.
    Good post Vane!

  4. I don't have it, but many people, specially children have it.


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