Monday, March 19, 2012

The beginning of the Spring

Like everybody know, the spring begin the 21 of March and it ends the 20 of June.In this season the weather isn't cold like in winter and isn't hot like in summer.
In the spring all the flowers are alive, fill of colour and everything is green.

My favourite season is spring because the weather is warm and sunny, but not very hot.I like summer too because there isn't school and you can go to the beach and leave with friends.

But, there is a problem in spring.Many people in this season have allergy to the pollen, and other persons have every year but it is less common.The flowers and trees detach the pollen to the air, this pollen causes discomfort and desire of sneezing, this is the cause of the allergy.

-What's your favourite season?
-Do you have allergy?

I hope you like it:)


  1. my favourite season jaja you know is summer jajajaja.
    I've allergy to nothing :)

  2. -My favorite season is SUMMER, of course!
    - I don´t have allergy.

    But I love spring too!

    Good post Marisa!:)

  3. My favourite season is Winter!!!
    Now I don't have alergy but one year ago I have it!

  4. My favourite season is winter because the best feeling in the world is when you're sleeping in your bed, warm.

    I hate spring... There are bees and they can sting me! Puajj!


  5. Yeah, it's springtime, probably my favourite time of the year. That's normal, anyway, after the long dark cold winter days. We need sunshine and colour. It's the beginning of a new time in our lives. However, if I were allergic to pollen, I wouldn't say the same. I know some people who suffer from allergy and they hate spring!

  6. My favourite season is Spring, I agree with you marisa, in spring it's hot, but not too much.
    Good post marisa:)

  7. My favourite season is Summer.
    No,I haven't got allergy.


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