Monday, March 19, 2012

Holy Week

In Spain, we call Semana Santa. It lasts one week.
Depende of the year, it takes different days. This year, it is from 1 of April to 8 of April.
It is from Sunday to Sunday:
On Holy Sunday, we call Domingo de Ramos, is "La Borriquita" and "Via Crucis del Cristo de las Penas".
The next day, is Holy Monday, we call Lunes Santo, is "Via Crucis de la Misericordia".
After is Holy Tuesday, we call Martes Santo, is "Cofradía del Cristo de la Humildad y la Virgen de Consolación y Esperanza".
On Holy Wednesday, we call Miércoles Santo, is "La procesión del Silencio".
On Holy Thursday, we call Jueves Santo, is "Cofradías de la Santa Vera Crux y la Flagelación".
On Holy Friday, we call Viernes Santo, is "La Virgen de las Angustias y la Soledad".
On Holy Saturday, we call Sábado de Gloria, but this day there isn't any procession.

On Holy Sunday, we call Domingo de Resurrección, is Cofradía del Stmo. Cristo de la Resurrección.

My favourite days of the Holy Week, are on Holy Tuestday, Thursday and Friday.
And now is your turn, tell me:
-What's your favourite day?
-Do you go out in any procession? In which?
I hope you like it :)


  1. -My favourite day is Thursday ``La Madrugada´´ and Friday.

    -Yes, I leave on Holy Sunday ``Domingo de Ramos´´
    and on Friday

    Good post:)

  2. My favourite days are tuesday, thursday and friday

    Yes, on the Holy Frifay

    good post:)

  3. -My favorite days are "Domingo de Ramos", Tuesday and Friday.
    -Yes, I go out in "La Borriquita" which is on "Domingo de Ramos"

    I love Easter! It is one of my favorite holidays!

    Good post Gloria!!

  4. My favourite day is Friday, when "La Banda" play with "Los Romanos" my favourite song of the HOly Week, "García Cano"

    Now I go out with the "Asociación musico-cultural Juan Mohedo" but years ago I went out with "La Borriquita"

  5. First, I want to say that you are bad friends because you haven't coment meee! Hahahhahaha

    I hate Holy Week, it's horrible... My favourite day is the day in which it finishes and as you can imagine, you won't see me in any procession or either in street because I become sick when I smell the incense or I hear the drums...

    So, it's my ipinion. You have asked me and if you don't agree with me, sorry!


  6. My favorite days are the tuesday, thuerday and friday. I go out the tuesday with the virgen Of consolacion and esperanza ,wednesdayy with jesus in the cross, thurday with the virgin , the Madruga I play the hymn of Spain and some song a the friday I play with the virgin.All with the band.

  7. Wow Juanpe, you are really busy at Easter! However, I'm more like Antonio P. It's been years since I last saw a procession. So I like this holiday because I can spend the whole of it doing what I like without having to leave home.

  8. -My favourite days are Tuesday, Thursday, "La madrugá" and Friday.
    - I go out in "La Borriquita" and since I was little in "Vera crux" but nowadays with the band, I only can go out in "La borriquita".


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