Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A famous date

From my point of view, if you love one person you must show your feelings day to day. I'm not agree with Saint Valentine's day, it's a normal day in which you must go to work or to study, it doesn't matter if you are in love or not.

Some religions defined it such as a day in which the people who are in love show their feelings to other persons. The history of Saint Valentine's day starts in the sigle III, when a emperor Claudio II forbade the marriages for young people because he thought that single people were better soldiers than married. But a priest called Valentine was desagree with the emperor and he celebrated marriages in secret for young in love people. When the emperor knew what the priest did he ordered that the priest were jail. One man said he that returns the view to his blind daughter and he aceptted and return the view.
Finally, the emperor ordered the murdered of the priest in 14 of Febuary 270. The girl that re returned the view planted an almond where he was killed.

Are you agree with Sain't Valentine's day?


  1. I don't like this day, I mean if you're in love you don't need an exactly day to say to him or her: "I love you"; and if you're alone yo don't need a day to remember that you're alone. For me it's a cloying, sickly, mawkish, fulsome, lush, sickish, annoying, troublesome, bothersome, irritating, inconvenient, irksome, obtrusive, vexed, unwelcome, aggravating, objectionable, pushy, plaguy, ill-at-ease and importunate day.

  2. For me, this day is Saint Solterin´s Day xD. And, I´m agree with Ari because if you love to a person you say him or her "I love you" every day not only one day. But if you are in love of a person...Happy Saint Valentine´s Day!

    Good post Eva!

  3. Well, I'm not as desesperated as Elena or Ari and I think it's a very good date to show your love to the person you like. In the Mother's Day, you give a present to your mother and, why don't you give her presents all of the days? It's similar in birthdays, Christmas...

    I love these Especial dates and you don't like because you are alone and you don't have boyfriend but, if you had one you would be annoying....

    Enjoy the day, don't be like old people! We are teenager! Oooooh!

    I hate your entry... Hahahaa, it's a jocke... Well done!

  4. I agree with you Eva, if you love a person you must love this person every days but I like San Valentín too, we can send rous and letters, it's beautiful :)

  5. I like Valentin's day because on this day some persons send letters to his secret loves jajaj

  6. I like San Valentín because some persons send letters, presents to the persons who she or he loves.

  7. I agree with most of you. If you love somebody, you should show that you love him/her every day. Valentine's Day is just an excuse to make money. However, would you refuse a small, cute present from your soulmate on such a day?

  8. I like San Valentín, because it's a special day, you tell your love etc etc, but I don't like it, is a strange thing, if you love a person, you love him every 365 days of a year, not only on 14th of February and you must to show him every day. I'm agree with rafa.


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