Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pets and animals

What's a pet?
A pet is a domestic animal. It can keep your company and can be even a very good friend.

Types of pets

This group involves the two more popular pets: cats and dogs. It also contains a well-known subgroup, the rodents (Hamsters, jerboa...). There are other domestic mammals like rabbits, ferrets or even farm animals like pigs, horses...

Then, we have birds. The most usual are "cage birds" those who live in a cage. Some examples are: Canaries, goldfinches...

Reptiles and amphibians
Turtles and iguanas are also common, but they need special care, so few people have one as a pet.

Tarantulas, scorpions, grasshoppers... the weirdest pets.

My ideal pet
If I know something about my future, it's that I'll want to have a dog. My ideal dog would be a golden retriever (Elena, shut up! XD)
  • Now, I want you to tell my what's a pet for you and what would be your ideal pet.


  1. No Javi, I can´t shut up because you know that I LOVE GOLDEN RETRIEVERS!hahahah.
    But anyway, one of my dreams is to have a dog and don´t mine the type of dog because I like all of them, but if it´ll a Golden Retriever or a Labrador, much better!

    I love your entry Javi.

    Maybe in the future both will have a Golden Retriever and maybe they´ll be brothers!xD

  2. My ideal pet is a big dog that drags me when I walk in a large park or in a street with american suvurvs' houses.

  3. My ideal pet is a Chihuahua. They're small and cute and they are one of the dogs that can live more years... I love pugs, too. They are very silly and they don't bite!

    I like clown fishes. They do nothing but they are so cute...:)

    A snake is a very good pet. It eats the rats that are in your house and they can scare annoying people!

    Birds? A parrot, oh my God! I will teach it how to speak. I'll make conversations with it and it will be my new best friend. Hahahaha

    Finally, I say that I love turtles. They do nothing, so boring... But I like run against them. I always win in our races!

    Good entry, ;)

  4. I love animals Javi!
    My ideal pet is my cat, she is siamese, small and very beautiful:)
    Good entry.

  5. I love animals!
    My ideal pet is a dog specially 'Los pastores alemanes' because are very beatiful.
    Good entry;)

  6. -Elena, our dogs will be enemies like us
    -Peña, you only love ugly dogs, in my opinion. We can see you don't like people (you're going to have a parrot to talk with) and you're are very lazy (race against turtles) XD

  7. My ideal pet can be a tortue , a fish or hamster.

  8. I only had a pet when I was a little boy. My uncle liked canaries very much and he used to give my brothers and me one from time to time. But none of them ever sang (and they are supposed to sing beautifully) so we would open the cage and set them free!

  9. I love animals and pet!
    I think that my ideal pet is a hamster or a little dog/cat, they are so cuckis;)


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