Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bye bilingueisasa

- Hi! Hello you there!

- Is anybody out there. Oh, you must be gone by now! I can hear my own echo. Those rooms are now empty, but I still feel you all around.

I remember that I was once your math teacher. You were so young and naive when i met you (well, the latter may not be true). I can’t forget the first day I arrived to Santos Isasa High School. I was really happy because the previous year I taught in Priego and that was pretty far from Córdoba. But Montoro was so close that I couldn’t believe it.

That first day, with no students at sight, the first teacher I saw was Rafa. When I told him that I was the new bilingual math teacher he received me with open arms and a smile full of hope. They had been looking forward to meeting me. He had a great project in mind and from that moment I was part of it.

I have had very good moments with all of you, and I remember how Brittany tried to make maths funnier than they already are. She created Berter The Converter and we always laughed when you asked once and again the very same question: Do I use pen or pencil? Another good moment was when you just read an English word in Spanish as “meangüile”. And what about Math Bingo!

I remember all the teachers that are part of this incredible project specially Alberto and Yolanda. I have learned a lot from them. We tried to find the best way to coordinate our efforts to make the wheel go round.

You, boys and girls, have been a very important part in my love for teaching math in English. Your enthusiasm in those first moments, your energy and your work (yeah, I know you could have done more, but this is not the moment, ok?) has taught me that motivation is an essential part of the learning process.

- Oh! Hello Rafa! How are you?
- I’m fine, I didn’t know you were coming today.

- It was just a surprise.
- You look great! Were you talking to someone?

- No, no, I was just... eh... thinking aloud. I felt everything so quiet that I was trying to remember some of the good moments we spent on these corridors.
- I see. But you know, that’s how life is. Something ends and something new is waiting for us around the corner.

- I know and I don’t feel sad. You have done a great job right here. They look so... grown ups! And their English is incredible. I’ve been following the blog these two years since I leaved Montoro.
- Yes, it’s amazing!

- I’d like to tell you something. This project that has just started with this first group would have been impossible without your help. You showed us the way with your enthusiasm, you showed us how important is to be a part of a team and how lucky your students has been. Coordinating a project like this is not very easy, but you are doing it great, because I feel that thanks to your effort our work was easier, and this is fantastic. I have to go now. Thank you!!


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