Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We're all in this together.

How many times have we complained about our schoolmates? They are countless  but..
How many times have we laughed with them?

Despite the fact that we are very different, in this four years we have learnt how to respect each other and we know that it is more important to be polite with the rest of the people than to get the best marks. 

We have shared lots of moments together, that´s why I cannot choose one of them . They are all special for me!

-At the begining, in 1st of ESO, we used to speak with known people but the time passed and we knew that we had to have a good time with everybody so that we can enjoy the following years. And we did it. 
That year we had our first trips. 


-In 2nd of ESO we learnt lots of things with our bilingual assistants Gosshia and Alyssa.

-In 3rd of ESO, we enjoyed the best trip of our lifes. The one to Paris and London. There isn't any word to describe it. We missed some of our schoolmates but we shared THE MOST SPECIAL WEEK OF OUR LIFES!
We were all nervous , waiting for the day to leave, counting the months,the days, the hours

In my opinion, this year has been the best one. We travelled to Tenerife and our graduation is tomorrow. Thank you very much for all these years, they have been incredible.

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