Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Together we have been more

This story have four nice chapters and I can't chose one we start in September 15, 2009 in first of ESO, some of us were together at school, but others we only didn't knew a lot of them, but little by little we begin to understand and know more of the other that anyone. We were the first to be in the bilingual section of the IES Santos Isasa and we were very entusiastic.

We have changed a lot, and we have grown up        together living many experiences, so that we have formed a great family.

This is the end of this story together, and the began of another story , but in this story we will not be together in the class but we will always together in our hearts.

I also thank our tutor, although some of us ( you know what I mean) know very well that he have our phone numbers on the telephone's speed dial, but I know that he does it for our good. By the patience you had with us that has not been easy, THANKS YOU.


Although on this trip we have not been all, we have always been mindful of those three people who we missed a lot (antonio canalejo, pepe and alberto) on this trip I choose an unforgettable moment  in one small room of a train and all of us crying, because we knew that this had already finish.                                
                                  I  LOVE  YOU !!


Although all the years have been good, this for me has been the best, thanks to this we made ​​great friends with whom we share many special moments.


                      THANKS YOU!

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