Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happiness is found inside little things.

I don´t  deny that the trips of these four year have been unforgettable, and It always will take part of me, but I think there are things that no one had spoken  before and I´m sure you will agree with me that they are very important too.

There are things that have no price and as in the title I said "Happiness is found inside little things".
And what does it mean?
I think there is nothing better that see you sleepy´s  faces every mornings..... nothing better than having a bad day and see all of you, I don´t know how but I always end up forgetting all my problems and although sometimes we are sad, six hours with you are enough to finish the day smiling and laughing.

I don´t want make you cry but I have to say that this moments are not going to happen again and we have to enjoy our last moments together.

Next year you will not think on Peña  when you pencils will not be in your pencilcases. Perhaps you will not laught with Maria cano in ethics´debates. And expecially we are not going to listen Rafa´s voice repeating my name every 5 minutes. That´s why we have to enjoy our las moments.

Finally I want say to all of you THANKS and to Rafa too, of course it wouldn´t been the same without you!

and this will be always in our hearts.

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