Monday, June 10, 2013

We have been the invention!

When I entered the first time to the class in 1º ESO, I only knew 5 students because they were with me in the same class when we were en primary school. Although I know the rest by sight, I can´t imagine that we could make a family. Each of us is  different, but if one of the 21 there isn´t, everything won´t be the same.

This is the END. In less than two weeks, we´ll be graduated. This four years have been wonderful. I haven´t got words to tell you: Thank you! 

Next year, when I go in my new class and I don´t see you sit down in your sites, I´ll undertand that a new stage begin. Each and every one of the classes we have been together will never be forgotten. Even in the moments that we were stresses, the endless laughter appeared. We always help us with everything. At first, we had problems of daily coexistence, but now, together, we have learn to improve it.

I know that we´ll continue being friends but nothing will be the same. I never forget you, and also, I never forget the teachers, especially Rafa. He always send us works in groups and we refuse to do it, but we have spent great moments doing it. He´s our father in the highschool.

Time flies! You can see in this pictures. We have grown together!

Our last year together has been different because we share the class with other classmates of diversification. We have spent a great year with them.

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