Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The best years of my life

I can't choose one moment because there are too much so i would make a resume of this fours years

I remember the first day here, i was very nervous. I met a lot of new people , i met Mari Paz and all my friends today. the first week was horrible, new subjects, new teachers, new place so it was strange but finally i adapted to this place.
One of the best moments was when we met britany, Why?, she was special for us, she was the first language assistan we have, she was a great friend of mine, my sandiwches in this time were enormous, and she was impacted.

Finally i think all the work we make together. we all work together to make all the work and always, we begun all the work the  day before and always we present all the work late.

these four years teach to me that our friends are one of the most important things of our life and my life.

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