Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well,I am the last person of the class  writting about us,about these four amazing years,and the family in which we have become.Althought almost everyone of you have said that these was the end,it wasn´t true,the end hadn´t arrived until today,today yes,today we can say than THE END HAS COME.

Rafa want us to choose the best moment,but I think all the moments with you are  incredibles.I want to speak about the first day.Almost everyone know each other,but with some people of the class we had never spoken,we were like in a cloud.I thought they were normal,but no,i were confused.And this day,when we saw Rafa,I thought he was a normal teacher,but I think for everyone of us,is the best teacher we have never meet.
Things to remenber:

Our trips.
Peñas´s ,Javi's and Marisa's English writtings.
Maria Cano's vocabulary.
Mari Camen's extress.

And now..Some questions whitout answer:
What are we going to do whitout Peña's ideas?
What will we dress on in the"fiesta de las mesas" whitout Rafa's help?
What will be do whitout each other?Without your "Good mornings?

I want to say all of you THANKS YOU VERY MUCH,because without one of you,nothing would be the same.YOUR ARE THE BEST,FRIENDS.
And more than friends now,we have a really big family(Rafa our father,of course).

PD:I have posted my entry so Rafa,you know,don't forget what you had said me today.

                                                   THE END(2009-2013)

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