Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hello students,
It´s almost the end of November and that means that Thanksgiving is almost here! I am especially excited this year because my little sister is here in Spain with me and that means that we can celebrate the day together. There will be lots of good food (turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, etc...)
Where I live, the trees are now beginning to shed their leaves and prepare for winter. However, before they do that they put on quite a show with their multi-colored splendor. There are lines of trees with leaves the color of gold. There are also red, orange and yellow colored leaves.
Sometimes when children´s parents are finished raking the leaves in the yard they make a big pile and the children get to jump into it! It is so much fun! I really love this time of year.
So, I hope you will enjoy the Thanksgiving presentation that I have prepared for you. I enjoyed making it. See you soon!


  1. :) Brittany!
    I like the text,I like the winter!
    bye bye!

  2. In Spain, the word Thanksgiving is written "Acción de Gracias". In Spain, celebrate Thanksgiving with other party, but in USA, this celebration is diferent but also fun! I hope so..

    Bye Brittany!

  3. i like yor text is very godd congratulation as of your sister jaja
    bye bye brittany

  4. Hi!!
    How are you?
    I like you text!
    What pity that fence Kendra.:(
    Goodbye Brittany.
    Bye Kedra.

  5. Hi...!
    The text is very well.
    Kendra is very nice!!
    Bye Bye .
    I LOVE ENGLISH...!!!

  6. I'd like to celebrate the thanksgiving
    day.Join with family and friends is great fun.
    Bye Bye.


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