Saturday, May 8, 2010

Europe Day

What is Europe Day?

On 9 May 1950 the first move was made towards the creation of what is now known as the European Union. That's why we celebrate Europe Day on that day. At the moment there are 27 countries in the European Union. If you want to know about them, click here.

Which country would you like to visit? Explain why. The most original answer gets a prize
I would like to visit the United Kingdom, because I want to improve my English and know British way of life personally.


  1. I want to visit Belgium! In Brussels, there's a very important building called Atomium, it's amazing. It's a huge representation of a atom...
    In Belgium, there is a lot of chocolate... I love chocolate!! There I can practice French, because I speak English more or less but I don't speak French very well... Belgium is beautiful, there are many rivers and the cities are wonderful... They are very old!
    I want to visit Belgium to know how do the Belgians live: their food, their culture...

    If you have money, and you like wonderful countries you must go to Belgium, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, a paradise for you... :-)

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  3. There is a mistake in the firts photo because Andorra it's in the European Union

  4. Although you can use the Euro in Andorra and the European Union has a special relationship with this small country, Andorra is not a member of the European Union.

  5. I want travel to UK.
    Beacause I want visit London.
    Londo is very beautiful,and I want learn and visit
    places,beacause there are many many many places interesting....and I thing that is very important
    learn,you can learn funny.
    there are many buildings.
    Is very very beautiful visit Big Ben.
    The bus and phone box..
    I Love London .I Love UK

  6. I want travel to France.
    I think that is fantastics and have got many places to visit. I like.

  7. I want to travel to the UK because I like to see London and being surrounded by English.
    It has to be an incredible experience

  8. I want to Italy for I can go Toscana with its beaches and vineyards.
    Also go to Vatican with Saint Peter´s and shop.
    I want to Venecy with its boats and museums.
    Ande finish I want to Rome with Rome´s monument ande shop.

  9. I want to travel to UK, because I like to see London, and them visit the Big Ben, the London Eye, etc.
    And I like very much English.

  10. I want to travel to the United Kingdom,because I want visit the most famous monuments of London as Big Ben,The Tower of London or The London Eye.
    Ahhh.I forget...I want visit London for drink tea too!,of course.And to know the Customs of the British.
    I also like to visit Glasgow,but I prefer to visit London....of course.

  11. I want to travel to France because I want go to paris and see the Eiffel tower , eat ``crepes´´ , meet French people and I speak French.

  12. I want to travel to Italy,because I want to visit Rome and there see the Roman Coliseum.
    I want ivestigate the history of Italian Mafia
    and to eat pizza and spaghetti.
    bye bye

  13. I want to travel to Rumania.
    Because I want to see the old castles and see the nationals pasties, perhaps Mărţişor.
    Mărţişor is the holiday that celebrates the spring arrival.
    They culture is varied.
    I would like to prove some of his show restraint typical as the Mititei that it are a type of small sausages roast and flavored with aromatic grasses.

  14. I want travel to Italy because is a romantic country !
    I would like visit the Coliseum too!
    The ten cities more famouse of Italy are : Roma, Milán, Nápoles, Turín, Palermo, Genova, Bolonia, Florencia, Bari and Catania.
    This cities are very nices.
    I love Italy :D
    Here there are a lot of constructions to represents the art of the Renaissance

  15. I want travel to France, because i want see the Eiffel tower. And i think that this is a very interesting country. Eat creeps, and speak with other people:)
    I liked vistit the Louvre museum.

  16. I want travel to France because is a fantastic country and I want to see the Eiffel tower.
    bye :D

  17. i want travel to France too ,because there are a lot of interestings places for visit, the Eiffel tower , a lot of importants museums ,etc
    i love France in special París

  18. I want travel to Itali because I want to visit the tower of pizza , the coliseum , the temple of vesta and many others.In my opinion these is a country for see monuments.
    bye :)

  19. i want travel to Itali because i want go to the coliseum and look this and i think if I were at night could hear the screams of gladiators fighting each other XD

  20. I want to travel to Grecia because i like very much they culture.
    I'd like to visit the Parthenon. I like the Greek mitolohia: Atenea,the goddess of wisdom and war.
    This stories are very long and very interesting. I would like to hear more of them.
    Bye!! ;D

  21. Is not a badly idea because Grece has got very history but new I do not recommend to you to go towards there, because with the crissis there are many street violence and many manifestations.

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  23. I would like to visit Italy, concretely Venice. I like Venice very much because in its streets there are seawater, and the people there moves in boats. It's very romantic... There, the only thing that you think is love... (L) If you have got girlfriend / boyfriend, there you are going to have fun! But Venice is not the only one wonderful city in Italy. Verona and Florence are wonderful cities, too. Verona was the city in where Romeo and Julier were... It's so romantic. :-D And Florencia was the city where Leonardo Da Vinci painted The Mona Lisa. And there are many monuments such as cathedrals and churchs.

    I love Italy, I love Belgium... I love European Union!

  24. Well, I have read all your answers and I like them all. It's really hard to choose only one. I think the most original ones are Pepe's and Alberto's but I like the two Antonio's, Mª Carmen's, Elena's comments as well. What is clear is that the countries you would like to visit are France, Italy and the United Kingdom. They are a good choice, although I would like to recommend Holland, Germany and Ireland too.
    You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out who gets the prize (or perhaps, the prizes)


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