Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is 2nd ESO

We are back at school. I hope you had a good summer but it's time to focus on the new course. I would like you to answer the following questions:

1. Did you do anything special last summer?
2. What do you expect from the new course?

Welcome back!!


  1. I didn't do any special but i'm read 10 books.
    I hope it becomes more enjoyable and more learning.

  2. In the last summer I went to El Puerto de Santa Maria and I was there 7 days.I read 3 books:2 in sapanish and 1 in english.

    I want to learn more and be at ease.

  3. I have gone to Benalmadena in July. There were a lot of people from Germany! Teacher, if you want to speak german you can go to the beach...

    In the end of July and in August, I went to Alcobendas (Madrid) with my cousin. I have vistited "Warner Bros" (an amusement park)
    It was very funny!

    At the end of August, I was in Córdoba, with my three cousins: a girl and two twins.

    I have red three obligatory books: two in spanish and one in English (like Helen)

    I hope this curse will be most difficult than the last year, but it is good because we're going to learn a lot!

    Well, I have written too much...

    See you soon!! :D

  4. Last summer,I went to malaga and i stay there 17 days .. and here,in Montoro,i went one´s a week to the swimming pool.bye!

  5. wow friends I hope you enjoyed it.
    This summer I've been in Torre Molinos and a cottage.
    The rest of the summer I have been in Montoro, I went to the pool and I went out walking with my friends.

    This year I hope everything goes well that we study and learn, to talk less, but it also laught one day to another

  6. Hi ! :)
    Last summer i was in Valencia with my cousins and I had a very good days.

    this year I want to learn more

  7. Hello..Last summner I was in castellon with my cousines and grandparents

  8. Hello, I'm very late but I'll hurry up and I'll coment in all entrances.


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