Saturday, December 11, 2010


a) Learn the lyric by heart.

b) Read this explanation about the song.


  1. I think the meaning it's when you are with the person that you love the world is happy, but when that person dissapears the world it's bitter like a lemon.

  2. The meaning is:
    A person which loves a person see a wonderful world but when that person goes you see that it's very bad, and the routine is in your life. There's nothing funny and you'll be sad!
    Bye teacher!

  3. Ah, he has excited with the things that his girlfriend has said to him, promising a very good world but it's not so!

  4. Thanks, Antonio and Ariadna. Your comments are very useful and interesting. You are right. In fact, lemon and blue sky are symbols expressing feelings and emotions. I am waiting for some more comments (the rest of pupils). And I remind you that lyric must be learnt by heart. It is very easy and understandable.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. thanks teacher, I was learning the song yesterday but only know the starts. Bye.

  6. the song said: when you love a person the world is beautifull but when that person dissapear the world is badly and horrifly and you are sad and shot, in that moment the live is bitter.

    bye alberto:P


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