Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some amazing acrostics I

M ontoro is amazing
O ther cities aren't as wonderful as ours
N othing comes close to it!
T hrough this town the Guadalquivir flows
O utstanding and beautiful
R ich in monuments, rich in vegetation
O ur town is the best!

Lidia, Andrea, Antonio P., Mª Isabel, María C.

E veryday we speak it
N ow we are like English people
G oing to UK is our dream
L ondon is its capital
I ts double-deckers in London are found
S pecial things every day you learn
H ow interesting!

Elena, Gloria, Mª Carmen

E nglish is important. You can go
N owhere without speaking it. I can
G uarantee, you'll enjoy visiting
L ondon, its capital
I n many places people
S peak English. I
H ope you love it.

Javi, Antonio C, Alberto

(More acrostics soon)

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