Saturday, April 21, 2012

The cross of May!

The cross of May is a typical party here in Andalucia that take place in May.It's consists of a group of persons that make a cross with flowers,paper,or other things and they also decorate the enviroment.

Cordoba is distinguished for her cross of may but also for his courtyards. Many people in Cordoba in May prepare this and the rest of the people can visit it and stay there. I think is a beautiful party and I want that every year more people do this type of things.

In this special party the people who prepare this courtyards and cross also compete.There is a jury that choose the more beautiful or what they like and there is some prizes.

Many people and tourist go to this place to visit it. And here in Montoro, there are more lest 5 cross of diferent group of people. I think this is a typical and special party.

I hope you like my post!

-Do you like this party?
-Have you ever make a cross may in your life?


  1. Yes, I like it so much!
    Yes, I did it when I was at school.

    I love your post Ana!

  2. Yes, why not?
    No, I have never made it... :(

  3. Of course! I love that party:D
    Yes, I do one since last year with Cáritas

  4. I never see the party so... No, I've never made it one. I'm alergic so I can be outside much time

  5. Yes, I like this party, I like see the crosses!
    Yes, I made a cross last year with Caritas like Maria:)


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