Monday, February 8, 2010

February is Black History Month!

February is special in America because it is Black History Month. Black History Month is celebrated to help people remember African Americans who have made an impact or a difference in American life and culture.

Normally, children in America write a short biography about an African American who has made a difference. Now it´s your turn!

You must research an African American and write a short paragraph about why that person is important to America. You must include a picture.

Some examples of people that we study are:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Rosa Parks

Malcolm X

Frederick Douglass

Jackie Robinson

Michael Jackson

Aretha Franklin

Sammy Davis, Jr

James Brown

Ella Fitzgerald

Billie Holiday

Jesse Jackson

Muhammed Ali

Colin Powell

Toni Morrison

Oprah Winfrey

Barack Obama

Arthur Ashe

Maya Angelou

Sidney Poitier

Harriet Tubman

Al Sharpton


  1. I love this month because it felt the importance of the human being does not matter if you're white, black, red, blue, yellow ... What matters is living life, doing good, helping people, a person who needs it. Whether you come from Morocco and Los Angeles.

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  3. This month is very important because it mains that the "black persons" are so important than the "white persons". I think that there are lots of intelligent, brave and good people that they´re "black persons". If there are lots of important "white" people, why do the "black people" can´t be good persons? I think that everybody (white or black) can be the same...

  4. I want to study Martin Luther King's biography

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  6. Well, I finded a person that I like most: Beyonce. I am not going to do the excersise about Nelson Mandela I'm going to do it about Beyonce! OK?

    Bye bye

  7. my biografy is of Jackie Robinson.

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  10. I speak about Colin Powell okey?:)


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