Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Text messages

When you write a text message (sms) in your language, you often use abbreviations to shorten words, so that you have more space to write more words. For example, you write xq instead of porque. We can do the same in English. There are many abbreviations that you can use if you want to send a text message. Here are some examples:

- B4 = before
- GR8 = great
- CUL8R = see you later

Can you guess what these abbreviations mean?
- 2NTE
- UR

Do you use abbreviations when you send messages? Give examples:

Yesterday, I received a message from a "special" friend, but I don't understand what it means. Can you help me?

dnt snd any msgs, i dnt wnt 2 c u, 2 hear ur voice, 2 think of u, 2 keep in touch wid u! coz da doctor advised me 2 keep away from sweets :)


  1. The firs abbreviations is twenty
    the second abbreviatons is because
    the third abbreviatos is excuse me
    the fourth is United Kingdom

  2. 1- twenty
    2- because
    3- It can be excuse me

    But the fourth I don´t think that it is UK because it is UR...

    The message mains:

    Don´t send any message, I don´t want two si you , two hear ur voice, two think for you. Two keep in touch with you! Coth that doctor avised txo keep away from sweets :)

    See you son

  3. Mª Carmen, good try! "Because" and "Excuse me" are correct. Say the words aloud and pay attention to the pronunciation. Antonio, you were also right, and the message was almost correct. I'll translate the message in a couple of days in case somebody else wants to suggest another translation.

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  5. "2nte" is tonight "bcos" is because "xme" is excuse me and "ur" is you are. isn't it?

  6. Very good, Javi! UR answer is corret (UR can also be "your")

  7. Don't send any message, I don't want to see you, hear your voice, to think of you to keep in touch with you¡ ¿could? the doctor avised me to keep away from sweet "laugh"

    This is the second part of the exercice

  8. Brilliant, Javi. Just one thing: "... 'cause (because) the doctor advised me..." The rest is perfect. I imagine you understand the message, don't you? It's a good message for the person you like,so go ahead!

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  10. 1º is: twenty
    2º is: because
    3º is: excuse me
    4º is: United Kingdom

  11. 1.twenty
    3.It can be excuse me
    4.United kingdom

  12. 1ºTwenty
    3ºExcuse me
    4ºUnited Kingdow


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