Friday, November 19, 2010

An Englishman's home is his castle

There are many castles in England, some of them, really fascinating. When we hear the word "castle", we immediately think of the Middle Ages, brave knights and beautiful ladies, wars and, even, ghosts. Would you like to discover some of the most outstanding castles in England? Click on each photo and find information to answer these questions:

1. What is the name of each castle?
2. Who built the castle?
3. When was it built?
4. Does anybody still live there?
5. Can people visit the castle?
6. What famous movies were filmed in Alnwick Castle?
7. Which castle would you like to visit when we go to England?

Click here if you want to see Warwick Castle in detail.


  1. Here, you have my answers:

    First castle:

    1) Its name is Warwick Castle.

    2) William the Conqueror built it.

    3) It was built in 1068.

    4) Now, nobody lives there.

    5) Yes, people can visit it.

    Second castle:

    1) Its name is Windsor Castle.

    2) William the Conqueror built it, too.

    3) It was built in 1070.

    4) Yes, it's the official residence (with Buckingham Palace) of the Queen of England. She's there in summer.

    5) Yes, you can visit it.

    Third castle:

    1) It's Arundel Castle.

    2) William the conqueror also built it.

    3) It was built in 1068.

    4) It's the seat of the Duke of Norfolk.

    5) Yes, people can visit it.

    Fourth castle:

    1) Its name's Alnwick Castle.

    2) Yves de Vescy built the first parts of the castle.

    3) In 1096, when Yves de Vescy became Baron of Alnwick.

    4) Yes, there's people living there.

    5) Yes, you can visit it.

    6) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, some Robin Hood's films and many more movies.


    7) I should like visit those castles but I want to visit Buckingham Palace... It's in London and the Queen of England lives there. It's very very beautiful and you can visit it when Queen is not there.

    I think my answer are not so bad... Bye Bye!

  2. Teacher, I have discover that my last answer is bad becasue Buckingham Palace is not a castle so:

    7) I want to visit Edimbourg Castle because it's very old and there are some very good gardens. I think there are ghosts because at night it's very terrorific... I want to see those ghosts... Wahaha...

  3. 1ºIts name is Warwick Castle
    Its name is Windsor Castle
    It's Arundel Castle.
    Its name's Alnwick Castle.

    a) It was built in 1068.
    b) It was built in 1071.
    c) It was built in 1068
    d) It was built in 1096


    a) yes the people can
    b) yes the people can
    c) yes the people can
    d) yes the people can

    in the castle d harry potter
    6ºi hope visit everycastles

  4. 1)a)Warwick castle.
    b)Winsord castle
    C)Arundel Castle
    d)Alnwick Castle

    2)a)-b)-c):William the conqueror
    d)Yves de Vescy

    3)a) It was built in 1068
    b)It was built in 1070
    c)It was built in 1068
    d)Built in 1096

    b) Queen's official house in holiday
    c)Duke of Norfolk
    d)Dukes of Northumberland

    5)Yes all of them

    6)Harry Potter's films

    7)I would like to visit all the castles


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