Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poland: Gosia's country

Did you like Gosia's presentation about her country? I did. How much do you know about Poland now? Write at least one thing you learnt about it and click here to access Poland's official website. Surf the website and find some more interesting information about the country.
Read your classmates' comments before you choose your piece of information and write it here. You can find information about world-known Polish people, sports, history, nature, ...


  1. a tipical animal from Poland is the stork. In Poland there are 38 millions of people and its money is call zloty

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  3. in poland the capital is Warsaw
    the flag of the poland is white and red and
    the shield of poland has a eagle black wiht a crown the head

  4. Krakow is a very important city, too. It was where Gosia lived!
    Toruń is a city in Poland also important. There, Copernicus was born. He died in 24th May, in my birthday!

    Poland's got 300.00 km square aproximately, it's smaller than Spain.

    Ah, Albert, the shield of Poland's got a white eagle with a crown and you've wrtitten that the eagle is black!

    Bye bye!

  5. Hi!
    Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe.
    The country's area is 312.677 square kilometers (120.725 miles square).

    Bye bye (:

  6. The president of poland is Bronisław Komorowski and the Prime Minister is Donald Tusk.
    Is a member of the European Union.


  7. Remember that you must add some new information, that is, something that Gosia didn't say. If you haven't done it, write a new comment.

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  9. Hello,
    i now that the most famous animal in Poland is the stork but in the flag there is a eagle wiht a crown.

  10. Ah, I understand...

    In Poland, the food is very important. A dish called "czernina" is very famous. It's made of blood duck... Delicious!

    Famous people:

    - Marie Curie (a scientist)
    - Copernicus (an astronomus)
    - John Paul II (a Pope)
    - Federico Chopin (a musician)
    - Władysław Szpilman (a piano player)
    - Irena Szewinska (a sportwomen)

    Bye bye!

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  12. In Poland:
    -Aneta Kręglicka was miss world in 1989.
    -There is a monument of Fryderyk Chopin in Żelazowa Wola(Poland).
    -A famous church is St. Andrew's Church in Kraków that is Romanesque architecture.

  13. The main sports in Poland are: football, basketball, handball, swimming, volley ball, ice hockey, boxing, fencing, ski jumping and track and field.

  14. Polish cuisine is a mixture of Eastern European and German culinary traditions, with some Russian, Italian, and Turkish influence due to historical reasons. It is rich in meat, especially beef, chicken and pork, and winter vegetables and spices.
    Bye. ^^

  15. Hi!
    Warsaw is the capital of Poland.
    On the sports that you can do in Poland is windsurf.
    There are many mountains.
    Bye Bye!

  16. i liked the presentation.
    and we learned very much their tipical animal is the stork.
    thier capital is Warsaw.
    their pay with Sloty-
    their president is Bronislaw Komorowski.
    there are writers like Henryk Sienkiewicz and Wisława Szymborska.

    the sport more popular is the football.
    and vollyball and athletics too..

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  18. i like poland,they see sometimes somes spain´s program like doctor mateo .
    the russians conquered this, and their president died in airplane accident last year.


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