Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Justice: the quality of being just.

I have made this entry, because in my point of view, we must to believe in this quality, I mean:
Society is marked by justice. It was created to maintain a determinated order, for a best integration between persons and between institutions too.
I think that justice is the best way to be in peace. Without it, the power would control us and corruption would be a very big tentation (MORE THAN NOWADAYS), people won´t have the posibility to report a person who hurts the society being a criminal or an illicit.
There are persons who judge our acts like judges, deputies, etc.

-Justice is a right which belongs each person, although in each contry it is governed in a different way.
The fundamental base of this quality in our country is the constitution, where laws judge our acts.
If we want a just country based in respect and armony, we are the firsts who must start to practice the justice.

But sometimes, nobody knows where is it.
Nobody believes in it.
Nobody does nothing to change it.
For example: the case of Marta del Castillo or the case of Mari Luz. There are lots of cases like those, in which people throw in the towell.

Well, we mustn´t loose the hope because in our country there is justice, although we don´t see.
We must to remember that lots of our ancestors fought the most the can to arrive here.
Obviously, everything can improve.

a) Do you think that in our country there is justice? Why? Why not?
b) Why do you think that I have said that we are the firsts who must start to practice justice?


  1. a) I think that in our country there is justice but not always. There are many cases in which there is no justice, then they do not apply a just judgment to many thieves and muderouses. Many people have asked for justice for their murdered relatives, however,there has never been justice.

    b) Because if we start to practise justice, many people will follow our example.

    I like your post so much Lidia.

  2. 1) I agree with Elena, sometimes the justice isn't many hard, and many criminals don't obey their sentences.

    2)Because many people will do the same.

    Good entry:)

  3. 1.- In my point of view, here in Spain, there ins´t justice. The criminal laugh at all. I´m disappointed about that, I agree with this entry.
    2.- Because many people continue our example.

    I love your entry Lidia:)

  4. Great entry, Lidia, and a very thorny issue that provokes a lot of controversy. What I like most about your post is when you say that we as individuals are the ones that must be just. Trying to change the world is really complicated; there's not much that you can do on your own, but if you start behaving in the right way in simple, everyday actions, you become a good example that others will follow.

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  6. 1-In my opinion there are but litle because people that kill people only is in the prison some year and the people who is dead never to go back.
    2-Becouse our country can give example that there aren´t corruption...

  7. · Although we think in Spain there's not justice because of some cases such as Marta del Castillo's or Camps' ones hadn't the best resolution, I think the justice of Spain is one of the best of the EU. In some places, Norway, for example, a person who had killed more than 9 people is in a luxury jail, with fewer years than a person, in USA for example, who had only created a website to download films and must be 50 years in prision (Kim Doctom and Megaupload)

    · From my point of view, it's good! We must follow your example and be peaceful and justice!

    Good post, good images

  8. No, because the most powerfull persons in the country can do wherever they like and we can't say nothing about.

    Because if we are not just, our enviroment won't be just.

  9. A)I think, not always.
    B)If the person don't start, someone must start,
    Good post :)

  10. I don't know because sometimes there unjust punishments.

    It's is a difficult point jajaja good job :)


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