Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vatican City

Vatican City is a territory within the city of Rome, Italy. It has an area of approximately 44 hectares and a population of just over 800. This makes Vatican City the smallest independent state in the world by both area and population.
1. Is Vatican City a member of the European Union?
2. What is the currency in Vatican City?
3. Who is the Head of State?

Now watch the video and discover some of the treasures in Vatican City.
1. Name the 5 most important tourist attractions in the City

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  1. 1. No, it isn't
    2. It's the Euro because the city made an agreement with the EU
    3. The Head of State is the Pope Benedict XVI

    TOP 5

    1. St. Peter's Basilica
    2. Gardens
    3. Vatican Museums
    4. Vatican Guards
    5. St. Peter's Square

    I would like to visit the Vatican Cituy because I would like to see St. Peter's Basilica and I want to speak with the Pope

  2. The answer are:
    1. No ,it isn´t
    2. Is the Euro becouse is iqualy to Italy
    3. Is the Pope

    The answer of the question of the video:
    1-Beatifully landscapes areas
    3-Vaticans Museums
    4- Vatican Guards
    5-Saint Peter Square

    In my opinion the Vatican City is a important city for the Christian and a cultural city.In the temple of Saint peter there are furtiture of Bernini and this was designed by Miguel Angel.Inside there are sculture of Miguel Angel as Michelangelo’s Pieta and of Bernini Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

  3. 1.No, it isn´t.
    2.It´s the Euro.
    3.The Head of State is the Pope.

    *5 most important tourist attractions in the City.

    1.St. Peter´s Basilica.
    3.Vatican museums.
    4.Vatican guards.
    5.Saint Peter´s.

  4. 1.No it isn't
    2.The Euro
    3.The Pope

    Answer for the video's question:
    1.St.Peter's Basilica
    3.Vatican Museums
    4.Vatican guards
    5.Saint Peter's Square

    I think Vatican City is a beautiful city. I would like to visit it and see all these wonderful monuments.Tourists visit the city mainly to see the Pope. I think this city is very important for Christians.

  5. 1.- No it isn't
    2.- The Euro
    3.- The Pope


    1.- St. Peter's Basilica
    2.- Gardens
    3.- Vatican Museums
    4.- Vatican Guards
    5.- St. Peter's Square

    I think visiting Vatican City, and maybe Rome at the same time, is something almost compulsory if you travel


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