Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greek underwater ruins

Γεια σου! Do you know what  it means? It's the Greek word to say "Hello"! Greece is a country located in the Southern part of Europe. It has got 11.260.401 inhabitants and it's world-known because of being the cradle of one of the most important civilizations in the history of the Occidental World. Even nowadays Greece has got very difficult economic problems, it has been one of the most powerful countries in the Ancient World and, it is reflected in the Art and great legends is has left. 


So, in this entry, I am going to show to you the most fascinating mysteries of the history of Greece, of the history of the World... Atlantis!

Greek people thought that there was a civilization located in a island which had a powerful economy, a great culture and the best army but a disaster occurred and the place sank. The patron of Atlantis was Poseidon and it was his kingdom, where he had his palace, his temples... It had the biggest library of the World and everybody wanted to live there because there, wealth and knowledge were the principal things of the legendary Kingdom.

The legend tells that the inhabitants of Atlantis were so intelligent and powerful that they became arrogant with Greeks and they became more powerful than these ones in fields related to trade so,the Gods and Godsesses who defended the people of the Hellenic country became angry and destroyed the legendary island, locating it under the sea. Poseidon was furious and broke his relationship with the other Gods and Goddesses and started guarding the underwater island to hide it from humans. 

But, where is Atlantis located? Some scientists of the Modern Ages thought it was located in  the Atlantic Ocean and it was a huge continent but, nowadays, we know these teories are not true. As you can see in the map, it is three times bigger than the Iberian Peninsula so, it  is not very credible. In the map you can see that the Canarian Islands would form part of the Kingdom of Atlantis, too.

You could say, what are all the islands near North America and that piece of land near Mexico? Those parts of land would have been part of that legendary kingdom but, in my opinion, if the Atlantis has existed, it would have been much smaller.


So, the  strangest thing is "How did  Atlantis sink?" In a scientific way, of course. Perhaps, there was a volcano and the island blew off or, a tsunami caused by an earthquake devastated the place. We don't know...
Another information is that, very strong floods which took place in the Ancient Ages destroyed the island but it's very strange because if it was so big the floods wouldn't have made so much damage, only a little.

Your task:

1. Look at this picture. It's a Greek Island with a relationship with Atlantis. Tell what disaster occurred and the name and the location of the island.

2. What is the name given to the people of Atlantis?
3. Watching the video, say if you think it's possible that the Atlantis has existed or not. Explain it and give your opinion.



  1. 1-The name is Santorini .The localication is an island in the southern Aegean Sea.As Santorini is a volcanic island there were a lot of volcanic eruction the last was in 1950.
    2- The name was Poseidon and before Daitya
    3-I think that it can be true becouse the nivel of the water go up and a lot of pleople as Platon thing that was true. It can be.

    1. Juan Pedro, thanks! But the second answer is not correct... Sorry!

  2. 1.-Santorini is an island in the sourthern Aegena Sea and is a volcanic island. The eruption of Santorini was the largest volcanic eruption in the world in 10,000 years and his research has always fascinated scientists. According to the latest data from the Greek scientists, is not the only volcano that has been released into the atmosphere 150 billion tons of rock, but it was the beginning of a winter in the Aegean. The sun went down and the temperature dropped gradually in the Islands at least two degrees Celsius.


    3.-I think is true, because when the volcano of Santorini start his biggest eruption par of the land was sank, so Santorini can be the Atlantis of Platon.

    1. It is the first comment with all the answers answered correctly! Thank you Ari!

  3. 1.- Santorini, a Greek island. It's famous because there was a huge volcanic eruption. You know the rest of the story thanks to Ari and Juanpe

    2.- Atlantean

    3.- I'm sorry, but I think that's not true because we would have discover with the technology we nowadays

  4. 1.It's Santorini. It's essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic explosion.

    2.They are called Atlantean.

    3.I'm agree with Juanpe and Ari but also with Javi because it's true that some scientifics would have discover it.

    Good post Peña!


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