Sunday, October 7, 2012

En billett til Norge, vær så snill

Norway is a country in the noth of Europe, a cold and frozen place. With minimum temperature -27'5ºC Norway is part of Scandinavia.

When people thinks about Norway, normally sais "in winter there aren't days, is all night" or "it's to cold and wet".  But Norway is more than a cold place, is the home of the Vikings, the best place to be a mother and the country chosen to deliver the Nobel Peace Price.


The vikings were in Scandinavia since 1,100. The Viking religion had many gods, like Thor. The gods lived in Asgrad, and the leader was Odin. Frey was a fertility god, Freya was the goddess of sex and later also war and death, Idun was the goddess of spring and immortal youth.

Norwegian curiosities

  • The name of Norway means northern route
  • The maximum temperature in Oslo was 35ºC on July 21, 1901
  • After Saudi Arabia and Russia, is the third largest oil exporter of the world
  • After China was the second largest exporter of fish on 2006
  • Norway is made up of 19 provinces -called fylke- and 434 municipalities -called kommuner-.
  • You can see the aurora borealis in the north of Norway and the best places are Tromsø and Alta.


-What mithologic character is a Norwegian symbol?
-What things you can find in Brenneriveien (Oslo)?
-What's a hytta?
-What's the story of the Framm?

(You can find the answers in these video)


  1. 1. One of the most important characters in Norse Mythology is Thor,
    which is also a Norwegian symbol. Odin and Asgard are also important,
    2. It is a neighborhood located in Oslo famous because of the Urban art
    and all the graffitis in the walls of the street. It is the inspiration for
    urban artists even it uses to be marginal
    3. It is a kind of cottage which is typical in Scandinavian countries with the
    roof made of Straw or even grass. In winter, when snow falls, it becomes
    4. I think it is a wonder of the naval architecture and it was an
    achievement that a wooden ship reached the North Pole and the South
    Pole with the technology they had.

    1. The answers 1 and 2 are wrong. In the first question I ask for a mothologic character who is very important in the children's life, not a god, and in the second I ask for what you can find in Brenneriveien but you had put what is Brenneriveien. But you have try it so thanks you for answer!

    2. I try one more time:

      1. Trolls are important characters in Nordic mythology

      2. You can find old factories, walls with graffitis, a very important school art and places with alternative music.

  2. 1.Trolls.

    2.You can find graffitis and old factories.

    3.It's a cottage made of Straw or grass.

    4.It's an element of the naval architecture.

    Good entry Ari!


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